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Hectic office life

It may not be new for many of us to spend 12-14 hours in company and doing work. It was the case even with me 3-4 months back. But then I had some relaxing time for till a month back. I was working 9 to 6 almost for 3 months. But after my recent US visit, the scene has changed drastically. I am practically working from 9AM to 10 PM with only two breaks - lunch and snacks. And still I am not able to complete my office work. No, it's not my fault, but the work itself has increased so much and I am trying to cope up with it. Plus, there are some other reasons out of my control which keep me busy through out the day. I had never imagined a day in company without orkut, without newsgroups, without coffee-breaks.. but it seems to be my destiny at least for next few weeks!