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Resignation is not an option... at all!!

The deadliest Maoiest attack has shocked everyone, and the dirty politics has also started. With all the games around where the buck stops, the real question arises - should a minister resign for a mishap like this? I am strongly against such a move. In most of the cases, the minister is not directly involved/directing such operations. Someone, somewhere down the line makes some mistake, or just some accident takes place, why should we loose our ministers for that? In fact, the minister should take the responsibility to correct the mistake and do everything to bring life back to normal. This is not just for the home ministry but is also for other ministries - specially defense and Railways. People tend to believe that the minister is directly responsible for any such incidences and hence he should resign. But I would say it has to be other way round. He/She IS responsible and HENCE he/she should rectify/correct that too. Resignation should be demanded only where the minister has failed