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Countering Fake News - A Thought

We are hearing the spread of fake news via social media - FB or WA. Government is also trying to muscle its power to curb the spread of rumors via WA. UN study is also relating the violence with FB engagement. This is essentially is getting caused due to speed at which the digital media can travel. A single person can send the same message to potentially thousands of people over WA or can simply post it on FB and hundreds of his/her friend can see it. Government is trying to finding a digital equivalent of " Sec 144 (unlawful assembly) " and is forcing WhatsApp to help with means and tools to achieve the same. In a real world (i.e. before digital world), it took time to spread any news. There were only limited ways people could communicate with each other. Either meet in person or pick up a phone and talk to another person. If you are a bad guy and wanted to spread fake news/rumor, you would want to do it silently without attracting any unnecessary attention. This