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BRT - Bus Rapid Transit - II

Acknowledgements first! :) The questions were sent by: Amarendra Godbole, Gopal Phadke, Jhumkee Iyengar, Mahesh Ambi, Neeta Garud, Prateek Kaul, Shambhavi Borkar, Ujjwal Joshi. Many thanks! We have grouped the questions in 9 categories. We cover category (0 and) 1 today. ------------------------------------------------- 0. Main objectives of BRT: ( Do read the Prologue ) ------------------------------------------------- Create a "metro on tyres" on the roads to increase throughput (no of persons carried per hour by the entire transportation infrastructure), to keep pace with growing needs while providing an alternative to discourage personal transport in order to prevent congesting the roads and reduce pollution. Provide footpath/cycle tracks in the road design to sustain/ encourage non-motorized transport. All in all, provide cost effective, sustainable transportation to all sections of society. 1.a. GP: How is it different from good o

BRT - Bus Rapid Transit - I

There's lot of discussion going on about BRT in last few months. There seems to be more confusion and that too based on some prejudices and self-made-assumptions. In an attempt to answer few of those queries and create a better environment to understand the whole BRT system, few of my friends has started a series on BRT FAQ. All of us belong to a movement which is named as 'Save Pune Traffic Movement' and more details about this movement could be found here . I thank Harshad Abhyankar, Rajendra Sidhaye and other folks in the movement for allowing me to re-publish the FAQ that they are putting together with a lot of effort. BRT Prologue: What is BRT? BRT is not just high quality clean fuel buses moving in dedicated lanes at high speeds. Not just clean and well-designed bus stations, ticketing and passenger information boards, route maps etc. All these are of course important and need to be executed to the highest standard possible, but this is only part of the total pict

King khan Vs Shahenshah

It was not a that good experience to see SRK hosting KBC event. He spent almost all the time in either mimicing the Big B or deliberately showing him down. It all started with the opening statement for the KBC episode, after almost a year since Shahenshah left the stage. Every statement was indirectly challenging Big B's. Unnecessary criticism over Amitabh's 'shuddh hindi', his suits, his lingo everything. The bad part was even if it was SRK on the show, I could always see Big B everywhere - on the stage, in the movements of SRK, the gestures, the hand movements, the dialog delivery everything. Yes, I am pro Big B but I liked SRK in Don 2. I really liked that movie. Probably because many years were passed since the original Don. There were places where SRK was totally under the influence of Amitabh, but overall, I could remember only Farahan Akhtar and SRK at the end of Don 2. I couldn't do that with KBC. With the supposed background of political feud between Big B

Can anyone beat this....????

Saturday evening. After a hectic day (meetings from 11 AM till 8:30 PM and off course a free lunch - courtsey: my builder) we decided to order pizza. Smokin' Joe's Kothrud was the obvious choice as they are the only ones who deliver pizza at my place near chandani chowk. 9:10 PM - Placed the order. Smokin' Joes confirmed the order to be delivered in 45-50 minutes. Last time it got delivered in dot 45 minutes. So it was ok. 9:55 PM - the delivery boy has not arrived yet 10:00 PM - Meghana calls up SJ only to know that the delivery boy has left just 5 minutes earlier. That was shoking. 45 minutes to prepare pizza .... simply unbelievable!! She decides to talk to the manager. After following a linked list and repeating the casette at each node, finally she reaches the manager 10:05 PM - The delivery boy is nowhere to be seen yet. SJ Manager is getting kicked every passing second. He also tried to use the lame excuse that the delivery boy might not have found the address. The

Another feather in ISRO's cap

So ISRO talent hits another success. India has successfully launched the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) rocket, this time with 4 satellites. This mission marks quite a few achievements for India: This was the first time Indian scientist provided the PSLV rocket to launch satellites for other countries viz. Argentina and Indonesia. This will open up market for us to provide services to many other countries who don't have the required technology for such launch or do not have the required infrastructure. It has two fold advantage - first obviously money and second is prestige. With this launch we have taken a step towards the manned moon mission. This rocket also carried a Space Capsule that would return to earth after 13 days. This is just a test for the re-entry mechanism that our scientists have developed. For technical details about this launch, read: PSLV Successfully Launches Four Satellites This is a significant step towards our vision India 2020 and in turn the manned

Entering thirties....

To mark the occasion of my 30th birthday, I have started a new blog - " गोष्टी मनातल्या " - completely dedicated for articles, poems, thoughts, stories in marathi. Even though this blog witnessed many of the articles/poems in marathi, recently I started feeling that the blog is getting kind of cluttered because of the mix of the languages. And that called for an idea to start a blog dedicated for my marathi expressions. I hope to continue blogging at both places with equal or even with an increased frequency this year. Thanks for all those who visited my blog and encouraged me with their comments. Keep visiting!!

शतकोत्तर रौप्यमहोत्सव!!

माझी नूमवि.. नूतन मराठी विद्यालय... १२५ वर्षांची झाली. १ जानेवारी माझ्या शाळेचा वाढदिवस. विष्णुशास्त्री चिपळूणकरांनी नवीन वर्षाच्या पहिल्या दिवशी एका नवीन अध्यायाची सुरुवात केली. इंग्रजी राज्याच्या काळात मराठी शाळेची गरज ओळखून आपल्या इतर सहकार्‍यांच्या मदतीने शाळेच्या कार्यास सुरुवात झाली. गेल्या १२५ वर्षांच्या काळात माझ्यासारखे लाखो विद्यार्थी शिकून बाहेर पडले.. नुसते शिकून नाही तर सुसंस्कृत होवून. शाळेला लाभलेल्या एकाहून एक महान शिक्षकामुळेच अनेक महान विद्यार्थी पण तयार झाले. जसे की - रॅंग्लर र. पु. परांजपे, माजी सरन्यायाधीश श्री. चंद्रचूड, वि.स. घाटे इ. माझ्या जडणघडणीत महत्त्वाची भूमिका बजावणार्‍या शालामातेस त्रिवार वंदन करून या वर्षातील ब्लॉगींगला सुरुवात करतो!! (अजून बाल्यावस्थेत आहे)