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Can I have an insurance for my Google password?

Google launched the equivalent of PayPal - Google Checkout . Google already has lot of other services (although not all are listed yet) which are becoming part of my day-to-day life, gmail being the most used. This new service allows user to store his/her credit card info for using during e-shopping, that too multiple cards can be saved. Isn't it a bit risky? Many services are getting converged in Google. There doesn't seem to be a good competition for google. Y! and MSN seem to be way behind. In money market we always talk diversified investments. Do I have an option in computer based services to diversify my vendors? I don't see that coming up in near future. If I loose my gmail password? All my data will be stolen in an instant. And that too with little possibility of getting any trace! I should look for some insurance company ... A new vertical in insurance business? :)

Revisiting past belief

Outlook India is carrying an article on Mr. Lalooprasad Yadav, Railway Minister, India, about how he has turned the Indian railway from a-most-probable-candidate-for-bankrupcy to a second best profit making PSU (Registration required, else pick up Jun 19 issue of Outlook). You don't believe right? Same was my reaction earlier! A person, who is known only for his political shrewdness and bihari-zaTakaa, has done something that has left even IIMians wondering. Small steps to make the Railways a profit making organisation is the only thing that he has done. A simple thing like upgrading passangers from lower class to upper class to fill in the empty seats in upper class bogies. Isn't it a very common thing that airlines do normally? (yeah, ofcourse at some price, but they sure do, to get more occupancy on every flight). Laloo has done precisely same thing. I could never imagine he is that smart. Another important thing is that he appointed an OSD (officer on special duty) and ga

Visiting U.S. of A.

Last few days had kept me busy in planning my trip to USA and hence didn't get time to post anything here. Lots of things have happened in last 15 days, but mostly they are related to professional life and hence won't mention anything more than this. On Monday, June 12, I received my visa and took a flight in few hours i.e. early morning on June 13. To my surprise, I completed check-in, immigration and security check in just 1 hour and that too without any hassles. It's quite pleasing, isn't it? Flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt was smooth. The cabin crew was good and very hospital. I started expecting same quality of service in my onward journey and soon realized it's not the case. We were served the snack and tea/coffee within 30 minutes from the plane took off i.e. 9:50 AM local time. And it was immediately followed by meal without any time gap. So, I had my lunch done by 11:00 AM and then there was nothing for next 5-6 hours. Even water or juice was not being serv

That's life

You don't get it when you need it most And when you get it, you need it the least Isn't it an experience with all of us? When we start looking out for something, it's always a tough job. And in many cases you have to settle down for something that's not really what you want. And when you do that and when it's irreversible, you, surely, would come across what you were looking for. Life is strange! माणसाला आयुष्यात सगळे काही मिळते, फक्त त्याची वेळ चुकलेली असते ...