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Online Advertising - wastage of advertiser's money?

Online advertisements now have become part of our online life. At times, those advertisements get your attention, many-a-times, they don't. Never bothered much so far with which advertisements are getting rendered on the web page that I am visiting. However, off late, the pattern seems to have changed. Almost consistently I am observing that all my search queries are directly used by Google for serving the advertisement. To certain extent it DOES help, you get to know of another provider of the same service or similar service. But it has become so obvious now, that all the advertisements on any page that I visit are from those pages only. E.g. , , and a couple more. I am not sure if someone has already thought about this or not, but serving the advertisements of an establishment to the regular user/visitor of that site is simply waste of money for that establishment. It is no-brainer that Google reads my mails (ok, not a human-read