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Starting a new blog

Started with a new blog - adsameeksha . Many of the advertisements, commercials catch my eyes and wanted to share with you all the things that I observe in those ads. It could be a good thing or something that I don't like. Since I felt there are too many such ads about which I would like to write about, decided to start a new blog itself. Hope you all like it. Cheers!!

First experience with telescope and stargazing

During my recent vacation, I happen to have my first experience with the telescope and I must say it was astonishing. The hotel, where I was staying, had a beautiful lawn just next to the beach, which essentially meant a fully open sky and that too without much illumination around. As part of the guest entertainment programme, the hotel had invited one of the astronomy enthusiast to help the guest with stargazing. The person had brought a good telescope for this purpose and was using it to show the planets like Saturn and Moon. Unfortunately, we didn't have a clear sky that day because of the impending monsoons. It had rained just a day before and the sky was still a bit cloudy. However, we could see the Moon and the Saturn very easily. The Moon had a beautiful hallow with diameter of around 20 feet and at the edge Saturn was shining. The person started with showing Saturn through the telescope. Initially he used lesser magnification as the queue was long. Now, you would say what&#

End of Hibernation ....arrr... Estivation...

Finally I am coming out of estivation after a gap of more than 3 months. I didn't use the word " Hibernation " deliberately, since I just relaized that I was inactive on the blog for the whole of this summer. Nothing much has changed in past 3 months except for a few good news. Work kept me completely busy. So even though it was dormancy on the blogging front, it wasn't the case on professional side. Currently enjoying the pre-mosoon showers at my new home: On a beautiful evening I captured this from the balcony (my builder calls it terrace :) ) "नभ मेघांनी आक्रमिले...." Hoping to have frequent blog update in coming days. Watch out for this space ...