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Ego Surfing

I happened to do some " ego surfing " (which I keep on doing more often than not ;) and realized that some of the references are as old as 10 years back. The links are from a public mailing list on Linux/SSL where I had posted some query or some reply. Those links still pop up in the result set on first page!! Internet memory is too strong ... :) The good part is that my linked in profile comes as the first entry. It is kind of relieving to know that there is no other "Mandar Behere" active on the internet or otherwise, at least so far :) Another interesting observation is that, links to this blog from some other blog aggregating portal appear before any direct link to this portal!! I would have loved it the otherway round ... After playing a bit further, I realized that there are too many "Behere"s in this world and I am way behind in creating enough hits for myself on this internet. I appeared somewhere on 4th page!! Looks like many more "Behere&quo