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Mobile Number Portability

Long wait is getting over. Soon all the Indians will be blessed with this fantastic service, mobile number portability , which will enable a subscriber to retain the number while changing the service provider. Being a technical person working in the Telecom domain, I had been part of the system/software upgrade that the western Telecom operators were making to comply with the WNP (wireless number portability) few years back. I was so much in want of this facility in India since then. Now that it is here, I am actually a bit skeptical about it's use to the customers. While I talk to my friends, colleagues or even when I read on twitter, everyone is complaining about their own service provider for mobile service. A vodafone customer, which I am, complains about network coverage and expensive data plans and wishes if I could go to Airtel or Idea, whereas I have seen similar complaints from Airtel or Idea customers too. I am more or less reaching to a conclusion that every provider has

Lost and revived

Few days back I suddenly realized that my hotmail account is not accessible. When I tried to access it, the system told me that the account is blocked or is being used by someone else. The sheer thought of someone else using my account was scary. Not that I was using hotmail very frequently, but few people still have my hotmail id and the same id is registered with some entities. Not to mention, it is my first ever email account, I didn't want to loose it just like that. I tried all the options mentioned on the help page displayed by the Windows Live ID service, like resetting the password. However, initially it didn't even allow me to reset the password. The link kept on suggesting that should try sending mail to my "alternate" email address registered with hotmail, but couldn't figure out a way to do that. Not that I remembered if I ever took effort to register "alternate" mail ID with hotmail. Later, I tried their last option - to report it to service