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Hatred ...

I wanted to cover something about orkut before this blog, but somehow this topic got more attention. I was browsing through various communities on Orkut and surprisingly there was equal number of communities dedicated to the hatred .. "I hate ....." and "I love .....". It's not just about the names of the communities, but even in any community discussion, you can find people displaying their hatred and unfortunately justifying or taking pride in that. Hatred is such a malicious thing that it eats up all your energy in something that's not really worth. Instead one can utilize the same in other direction - towards the things that you love. I can understand dislike. You may not like each and every thing in this beautiful world. But hatred .. that something make me sad. It's not just on orkut, it's everywhere around you. If you take up any of the daily soap operas, you would find only conspiracy, hatred, treachery, betrayal. What kind of message is get

Time Management

Probably the most talked about topic... about 1,650,000,000 entries on google , but probably the least understood... Yesterday I happened to be at a function comprising of an orchestra, a comedy show and followed by dinner. The show was scheduled to start at 7:00 PM which actually started after 7:30 PM. The comedy show was scheduled towards the end of the orchestra, which got slipped in during the interval for the orchestra. The comedy show took almost an hour and thus the rest of the songs in the orchestra had to be re-scheduled post-dinner. Many of us who had attended the function only for the orchestra had to sacrifice half the show or had to wait till late nights. It has become a customery at least in Indian culture not to honor others' time. Surprisingly we find proud in saying IST means Indian Stretchable Time. We have lost, or should I say we never had, a sense of understanding value of time? It has remained only in the management jargons and not really understood or follow
Follow up on the article about media Read the editorial in Loksatta, the MaraThi news paper. Even though editor has expressed much more angles (I think that's expected from editor, right? :p), his one of the basic points is same as mine. Link: - Mandar

Is this expected from the media?

Yes, media sucks. I am really frustrated with the contents being broadcasted through the media and the frustration is reaching new heights every day. You are right. I am referring to recent incidences. The latest one is the attack on prominent BJP Leader Mr. Pramod Mahajan by his own brother. Whatever are the reasons for the attack, but the way in which it was protrayed was really bad. Media created an event out of that mishap. The news bulletins didn't spare any of his relatives, the doctors on duty, the visitors, his neighbours. Then they enlightend all of us with the human anatomy showing the points where bullets pierced his body. One channel went one step ahead and created a series of sketches depicting the probable flow of incidents. All the news channels had only one item agenda - This incident. As if there were no other incidents happening in/around India. Another recent example is Lakme India Fashion Week. As it was flashed immediately by the media, none of us is unaware of

Stumble upon...

Many a times we come to know about some beautiful things in life just like that. We don't search for those things deliberately, but we just stumble upon those things. Recently I stumbled upon a nice firefox extension - StumbleUpon It has built a community which has built a good collection of "good" sites. Members contribute to the collection by submitting the sites they like. In addition you can add review comments which are visible to others and thus one can share his/her views across the community. One of the important features is the categorization of these sites. Each site can be categorized into one or multiple categories and marked as such. Another cool feature is that the members can just "stumble upon" any site randomly. Just click one button and you get nice cool site which you may not even think of searching for. Want to see what I like? click here