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India - US Neuclear Deal

Finally, the good news came in .. The much awaited NSG waiver has been announced and that gives us a good reason to rejoice. TOI has a special coverage for the same. What is more important is that Manmohan Singh has established himself as a very good and strong PM. Oppositon and Left have exactly opposite view (what else they could see when they are in "opposition" :) ) Few days back these people had taggen the PM has the weakest PM ever, but now that doesn't matter any more. The hurdle for Neuclear trade is cleared. Now, even if we face some opposition in/by the US senate, we are still eligible to obtain the Neuclear supply for other countries like Russia and France. So the options are now open. How to play the cards is entirely upto our government!! Some are afraid that what if tomorrow US stops the supplies? The answer could be - we need to reduce the dependency on the US anyways. We'd need to create newer friends and newer ties which would keep the supply continu