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Taxpayers' Money Going For a Toss

Yet another instance where Taxpayers' Money is being openly wasted on people who really don't need it and that is too for the sake of politician's own publicity.. Many state governments have announced crores of rupees to the Cricket World Cup winning team and all this money comes from the taxes we pay in various forms. Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Uttarakhand have announced crores in cash or kind (read: Land) to the team players. And this wasn't budgeted at all. The recent report in Times shows that all this money is likely to come from Education budget in most of the states. In India, we are still struggling with "Right to Education", which underlines that there's a lot to do with the education, how much fair is it for the governments to divert the education budget to such things? The Cricketers have already received much (which incidentally is multiple times the amounts these governments are wasting) and would receive much more in

Anna and some related news

Anna's victory is all over in the media and rightly so. In the backdrop of this important news, few other items tell us how much more work is yet to be done. Anna and all others have rightly said - this is just a beginning... RTI activist was attacked yesterday in Pune - This is one more incidence when RTI activist is attacked for invoking RTI against unlawful activities. Madhav Godbole is slamming Anna's victory - while the "common people" is feeling it is a victory over the politicians, Mr. Madhav Godbole ex-bureaucrat is not feeling the same way. While his criticism on UPA is valid, I feel he hasn't understood the reasoning why Anna had to start "fast unto death". NCP is not happy with comparing Anna with Gandhiji - This one is a funny one. Just because Anna is going to be part of the committee working on Lokpal Bill, NCP has a problem comparing him with Anna. I'd say, by accepting a position in the committee, Anna has also accepted the respon