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WinAmp - Long Forgotten Hero - to say good bye

I got a bit nostalgic when my friend Arun posted this link on Facebook - Winamp to say goodbye on 20-Dec!! For the uninitiated ones, winamp was THE media player in our 20's era. Windows Media Player was nowhere to be seen, forget about iTunes and everything else. A thin desktop client, with loads of feature and support for almost every audio format. And yes, we could put various skins as well to suit the mood of the day. This was fun, luxury and convenience. As we grew up, slowly winamp was taken over by Windows Media Player (only to a certain extent) and then primarily by Jukeboxes of the world and then iTunes. WinAmp slowly faded away. I don't remember exactly when, but probably around 7-8 years back I stopped using it.  The one important feature - from my perspective - that I'll always remember - was the remote control. By running a tiny server, it used to allow remote clients to connect to the server and could listen to remote playlist. And you can guess the u

Stories need to be rewritten

During our usual story time, rather reading time, Mrunmay picked up his current favorite - The bird with golden wings  - by Sudha Murthy and started reading one of the stories. Story had a reference to a couple having wealthy lifestyle and then loosing money in business, moving into a smaller place, with no servants etc. The story read - she had to do all the work at home as she couldn't afford the servants. And the question came beaming to me - "But baba , why wasn't her husband helping her instead of she doing all the work alone?" I didn't have immediate answer, but it got me thinking - he is trying to relate what he is seeing at home to what he is being told in the story and he is picking up the contradiction quickly. Same thing happens when the story contains "thief", he asks but why did he start stealing? And usually there are no answers to these questions. I think time has come to rewrite the stories that actually tell what our futur

Happy Diwali and An Update :)

First of all Happy Diwali to all of you. Albeit late, but intentional. I wanted you to read this mail :) Hope you have enjoyed your Diwali a lot and have come back in not-so-working mood. So, have some fun reading this mail. About 6 months back, we shut shop at mSauda and I was out looking for some interesting opportunities to work upon. In that process, I met few of you who offered some connects and contacts for me to explore. While looking for some work, I got to know few more folks who are out there to do something different!! I learnt how difficult it is to do freelancing, how difficult it is to sell your skills and most importantly, how to keep yourself busy when you don't have a set of tasks chalked out for you nor you know which direction you are heading to. I tried quite a few thing, but most of those things didn't work out as I was expecting, except for this one. I got introduced to a startup in gifting space - . After few meeting