WinAmp - Long Forgotten Hero - to say good bye

I got a bit nostalgic when my friend Arun posted this link on Facebook - Winamp to say goodbye on 20-Dec!!

For the uninitiated ones, winamp was THE media player in our 20's era. Windows Media Player was nowhere to be seen, forget about iTunes and everything else. A thin desktop client, with loads of feature and support for almost every audio format. And yes, we could put various skins as well to suit the mood of the day. This was fun, luxury and convenience.

As we grew up, slowly winamp was taken over by Windows Media Player (only to a certain extent) and then primarily by Jukeboxes of the world and then iTunes. WinAmp slowly faded away. I don't remember exactly when, but probably around 7-8 years back I stopped using it. 

The one important feature - from my perspective - that I'll always remember - was the remote control. By running a tiny server, it used to allow remote clients to connect to the server and could listen to remote playlist. And you can guess the uses of such a feature :)

Here are some pics I could source from google - to cherish the memories!!

Image source: This and this respectively.

In case you want to give it a try, you can still download it for next 30 days or so, from the main website

News Article: Winamp To Say Last Goodbye After A 15 Year Stint


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