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Tour of Less Known Hoysala Kingdom

A good friend of mine, Arun, has announced a packaged tour of less known Hoysala Kingdom . For the readers in and around Bangalore, visit India Travel Blog for more details.

Weekend Reading

Here are some links for this weekend: Google Shares It's Need for Speed - TechCrunch Are Upload Speeds The New Broadband Selling Point - GigaOm Building Successful Long Term Relationships - A VC Why Am I Here? - Seth Godin How to Use Twitter as a Twool - How to Change the World - Guy Kawasaki

Golden lining to the India Inc.

Update: This is an old post saved in draft mode for almost a year. For some reason, which I don't remember, I didn't post it and found it today while screening through the list. Amidst the much hyped Indian economy's struggle to keep up the pace, some good news has arrived. Abhinav Bindra has won a gold medal at Beijing Olympics 2008 . This comes as a welcome surprise considering usual dismal performance of Indian sportsmen at this world stage. In India, there is only one game and that is Cricket. However bad performance the Indian team may display, almost every Indian will still hope that India will win next match. At the same time, we show complete lack of interest in any other sport. Sania Mirza tried to steal the show many times, but lacks consistency. Same is the case with Paes and Bhupati . We know both of them more for their bickering than their game. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathor , who bagged a silver medal in Athens Olympics 2004, seems to be nowhere in picture in 20

Weekend Reading

Some links for weekend reading: The Choices we make - The India Uncut Blog Two Questions on Empires and Scale - Emergic - Rajesh Jain's Blog What's off the table? - Seth's blog 3 Ways to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch - Business Pundit And some fun for the weekend: Thinking Outside the Box Doesn’t Work in Geometry Class

Mental need to be socially connected

After a long time of inactivity, I have become very much active socially. Facebook , twitter , Blog are some forms which are helping individuals to remain connected socially. In these days of busy lifestyle, we don't find much time to connect with other folks - friends and relatives. But given the very nature of Human Being, he/she is ought to be a social person, barring few exceptions off course :) These social media have helped in fulfilling this basic need in a very effective manner. No, I am not saying these platforms are replacements for in-person conversations, but these are definitely feeling the gaps. If these wouldn't have been there, how would I connect to a friend sitting in the Uncle Sam's country and still both of us are updated about each other? At times it also helps in converting acquaintances into good friends. Few of you might also have experienced that there's very less "fear of rejection", since the rejection would happen in private and not

Interesting insite on how a "Startup" is formed

In his recent post on GigaOm , Om Malik has sited a very good insite on how a startup is formed: Back when I was in college, as a chemistry student, I came to appreciate the atom more than anything else in the world. Atoms, when bonded with other atoms, form molecules. Some of these bonds are magical and the molecules can, in turn, be magical things. Startups are essentially the same. Atoms are the individual people; he company is the molecule. And that’s what makes our journey into the future — some of it predictable and a little bit of it unknown — so enjoyable. Three years into the opportunity of a lifetime, I still have a spring in my step as I leave my apartment, for I can’t wait to be with each one of my team members. I found this most relevant to my current Read - High Performance Enterprenuers . It aptly puts how a team at a startup should be. Read entire article here .

Update - Disturbing News

This is a very good sarcastic update on my earlier post - Disturbing News . Read Amit Varma's posting at India Uncut - It’s All In The Jeans . :)

Disturbing news

Came across with two disturbing news yesterday. One of them actually has become common, but still felt disturbed when I read about it. Intolerence against the immigrants - you might be thinking about the MNS movement against North Indians, but I am referring to something else. Apparently, a group in Australia is playing havoc against the immigrants, and incidently they are Indians. While we are showing intolerence for the people migrating within the country, our fellow countrymen aspiring to immigrate to another country are falling pray of same thing. While I understand and sympathise with the natives to a large extent, I can not simply support their actions. Every person in this world seems to have become insecure (or is forced to feel insecure by media?) and that is leading to such nuisance. Read the news here . Not understand the real problem - A college in Kanpur has banned western outfits for "women". The reason given for this ban is to avoid eve-teasing. Now, this is

Interesting Link

Interesting list of items that can be done by those unfortunate folks who either have lost the job because of the recession or were unlucky enough not to have one at first place. I have started becoming fan of his writings. Lots of things to learn from his posting. I had something similar in my mind while on the topic of unemployment in general, not necessarily due to recession. Specifically in India, we see many young folks not getting the right job or not getting it at all. But many-a-times what is observed is they either waste time with friends of same problem, or they go the depression way. How many of them really take effort to improve their skills and make themselves more markettable? How many of them think that they can actually spend part of their time towards NGOs and spend rest of the time in honing their skills? Many of the items listed by Seth may not be directly applicable in Indian context, but how about replacing them with some of the tasks that fit the bill and get goin

Current Read: High Performance Entrepreneur

After finishing off the book " Games Indians Play - Why We Are The Way We Are ", I have started with this highly acclaimed book by Subroto Bagchi - " The High Performance Entrepreneur: Golden Rules for Success In Today's World ". I am getting hooked to this book for the simple reason of easy narration. The examples stated are very common and I can easily link to those examples and hence can see the author's view pretty easily. However, I think this impression is very premature as I am through just a couple of chapters. In my earlier read "Games Indians Play", something similar happened. That book disillusioned me completely. I was looking for the answers how to tackle the games, what are the solutions or how to play those games yourself, if the need be. But the book didn't answer any of the questions. It just mentioned how are we, and didn't say much about "why" are we the way we are. Hoping to have a different experience with thi