Current Read: High Performance Entrepreneur

After finishing off the book "Games Indians Play - Why We Are The Way We Are", I have started with this highly acclaimed book by Subroto Bagchi - "The High Performance Entrepreneur: Golden Rules for Success In Today's World".

I am getting hooked to this book for the simple reason of easy narration. The examples stated are very common and I can easily link to those examples and hence can see the author's view pretty easily. However, I think this impression is very premature as I am through just a couple of chapters. In my earlier read "Games Indians Play", something similar happened. That book disillusioned me completely. I was looking for the answers how to tackle the games, what are the solutions or how to play those games yourself, if the need be. But the book didn't answer any of the questions. It just mentioned how are we, and didn't say much about "why" are we the way we are.

Hoping to have a different experience with this current book...


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