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Personalisation Suggestions on Uber

I have been using Uber for quite some time now to commute from home to office and office to home. Initially I used to alternate between Uber and Ola, but after a while I realised that the service that OLA drivers give is way below than what Uber drivers give. At times I had doubts if same drivers alternate between these two aggregators. But that is a different topic to think. Today morning when I boarded the cab, I sensed that I give same instruction to every cab driver - Please push the seat towards front. The driver would then ask me which route to take and I always specify a specific route. Then at a certain point, I'll ask the driver to start the A/C. This is typically at the University circle where there is traffic jam. On way back, I choose a specific point to board the cab, and instantly ask to turn on the A/C. All these things could easily be personalised. Either a customer herself can put these instructions in the App, which could be displayed to the driver when trip

Deceptive Arguments

Yesterday I came across two articles and instantly realised how deceptive are the arguments presented in those articles. Hyperloop pilot in India is planning to reduce Bengaluru-Chennai travel time to just about 30 minutes. Currently it takes about 6 to 7 hours by road or train and 1 hour by flight. So the time take by the  Hyperloop pods  is going to be similar to that by aeroplanes except - to quote - for "security checks, taxing, boarding and exits". The security checks at the airports are there for a reason and I don't see why there won't be similar checks at the Hyperloop Terminals. In fact, any mishap has a potential to damage all other pods in the tube, the security check might be more stringent!! Boarding process will be similar to that of planes, albeit probably a bit faster if the number of passengers are lesser as compared to the plane. There will be safety requirements, which would need passengers to be briefed every time. And then even if it is ju

Post-Demonetization Steps - My Thoughts

It has been 50 days now since demonetization was announced by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi. And we all have experienced wide set of emotions through these 50 days. We have been happy, ecstatic, overjoyed, sad, pained, frustrated, hopeful and what not. And every time we have felt our emotions are justified. I have been through many of these emotions except for pain and frustration. I haven't had to stand in a queue for more than 15 mins and have been able to use digital payments at most of the places, conserving my cash that I had exchanged in mid-November. After initial surge in usage of digital wallets, the downward trend is very evident now. I have seen people giving out reasons such as wallet is full, swipe machine not available to avoid accepting digital payments. To the extent that one of my regular lunch outlets allowed me to pay the bill after I "get" the cash.  On one of the occasions, swipe machine of my vegetable vendor wasn't really working. I encour