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Too Much of Anything is Bad

Facebook Mafia Wars Scramble Chain Reaction Evony Orkut Twitter ... Getting bored with all these applications/games :(

Restaurant Review: Manali Veg

While commuting from my office back to home, one day I noticed this new restaurant opened on the road to Karnatak Highschool, just before CDSS. From outside it looked pretty big and attractive enough to at least try it once. And so I was there on last Sunday, with a strong wish to have some good Punjabi food. And this restaurant dismayed me heavily. Here's the story: We ordered the sweet corn Veg soup and their supposedly "special" starters - "Tiranga Kabab". The soup was thin like water and the vegetables were not cooked properly. Then came on a huge plate, the kababs. The plate had more quantity of salad than the kababs and half of which the waiter just took away. The kababs, all of them were on sweeter side of the taste, also were completely dry. With every other bite, I was having a sip of water. In the hope to have some some nice Paneer dish, order was placed for Kadai Paneer, along with Dal Tadaka and Bundi Raita. The Paneer was pretty nice and soft, but a

I am happy, even if ...

.. even if maids don't turn on time, .. even if Ritz delivery is still a week ahead, .. even if many of the roads have got replaced with pot holes, .. even if Pune is still facing water shortage, because IT IS RAINING THROUGH N THROUGH for last couple of days!! This brings a great hope back to the table that even after a delayed start, we might still get "average" rain fall and we might still have good crops and hence good year ahead. So far, the picture was looking gloomy, even the government had started acting in anticipation of a bad year, kind of acknowledging the bad weather conditions and its impact on the economy. Let's hope for more rains!!

Weekend Reading

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Century, at last!!

This comes as 100th post on "Infinite thoughts", rather slow rate than the name suggests :) It took almost 4 years to reach this mark, statistically speaking 2 posts per month. But practically, there were many months of inactivity, many sudden spikes and similar things, basically lacking consistency. Not surprised. It really takes lot of patience to be consistent. One can not find any single pattern with the posts on this blog. It is completely random. But more importantly, this blog has served it's purpose - providing me a platform to express my thoughts without the fear of whether people will listen to or not; whether someone is interested in it or not; whether what I am saying is correct or not. Thanks to the internet, blogs and all supporting applications, who have made this a very smooth process. Happy blogging!!