Restaurant Review: Manali Veg

While commuting from my office back to home, one day I noticed this new restaurant opened on the road to Karnatak Highschool, just before CDSS. From outside it looked pretty big and attractive enough to at least try it once. And so I was there on last Sunday, with a strong wish to have some good Punjabi food. And this restaurant dismayed me heavily. Here's the story:

We ordered the sweet corn Veg soup and their supposedly "special" starters - "Tiranga Kabab". The soup was thin like water and the vegetables were not cooked properly. Then came on a huge plate, the kababs. The plate had more quantity of salad than the kababs and half of which the waiter just took away. The kababs, all of them were on sweeter side of the taste, also were completely dry. With every other bite, I was having a sip of water.

In the hope to have some some nice Paneer dish, order was placed for Kadai Paneer, along with Dal Tadaka and Bundi Raita. The Paneer was pretty nice and soft, but after couple of bites I realized that the subzi was having "Jira" and "Saunf" added to it ... Punjabi subzi and Jira/Saunf in it ... I couldn't believe... had to live with it. I finished off the rest of the Naan with bundi Raita and Dal and called it the end.

In the mean while, we had also ordered Dosa for Mrunmay as it comes quickly and that's what Mrunmay eats. When the Dosa arrived at our table it was totally cold, probably colder than the room temperature. Had to send it back and order another one. That one was a bit warm and had to manage with that as Mrunmay was getting restless.

Then came the billing part which I was not so hopeful given all this experience and they lived upto the expectations!! The costliest item was marked double as compared to the single which was ordered. Had to send it back and get corrected.

On the ambience front, it was okay. The hall is big, but there is very little partitioning, so privacy goes for a toss. Apparantly the A/C hall was occupied for some party so couldn't have a look at that. They also have a big waiting lounge (corridor?).

The only good thing I remember is that they had sufficient parking and Parking assistance was available thus reducing the headache of finding one.

On the expenses side, it is okay, amounting to Rs. 150- Rs. 175 per head for Soup+Starter+Main Course.

On the whole, my rating - 1. Not worth visiting again.


Unknown said…
thanks nice images and good informations by Alleppey restaurant

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