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Restaurant Review: Little Italy

A pure veg Italian restaurant, that's how I got introduced to Little Italy . Not that I go only to pure veg restaurant, but pure veg restaurant guaranteed a lot of choice in veg only and it wa definitely enticing. I called them up for reservations and happily they accepted the booking, only to realize later that the reservation was not really required. But the reservation assured us a sofa seating which we prefer considering that Mrunmay is more comfortable on sofa than a chair. The restaurant is located next to pune central on Ganesh khind road. The building seems to be not so occupied nd in fact you may get misled as one can not see the entrance so easily due to the scaffolding in place. We were warmly greeted by the receptionist and were taken to the table with sofa sitting. The menu offered a large variety of items from soups to desserts in Italian as well as Mexican food. We resorted to Italian food. Veg Soup Passato di Verdure was a perfect start for the course. Followed by

Five things that I don't understand ...

If RSS is a terrorist organization, why is it not banned yet? Does CBI really think that they would get the evidences so many days after the CWG scam was uncovered? How is it that nobody is questioning Mumbai municipal corporation which would be the final authority in passing the building plan for Adarsh society, and is ruled by Shivsena? Why can't a person be sued/prosecuted for hiding the evidence when he says 'I'll give the evidence at right time' and that right time never comes? Why does Rahul (Gandhi) think he'll understand the problems of the poor people by talking to them for 5 mins?

Public memory is not short ...

But it's willingness to take action goes down as the time passes by. Triggered by a statement by a relative, a memory of a sad instance in company came to surface. That relative was not even remotely related to that instant or the company, but still mentioned few details about it. And I realized that public may not be talking about any given instance, but it is very much there in the public memory. It just takes a mention of story to dig out the whole episode in the public mind. However, what matters then is, whether anyone wants to any action on that. Our politicians benefit from this behavior immensely. They know that once the committee is formulated, it will take a while for the committee to submit the report. And by then, public, busy with there day jobs, will go short on its willingness to force any action on the outcome. Same thing actually worked in favor of society during the Ram-Janmabhumi verdict. Public remembered everything, but there was no motivation , or


After constant crying for more than an hour, and after trying to pacify him for the same duration, Mrunmay and mamma are far asleep and baba is wide awake @ 2 in the morning !!!. The only thing he can do is to surf the net, FB, and blogging from his mobile as Mrunmay wants to sleep in his lap ... The heavy winds on the top of the fort Panhala have taken the toll and Mrunmay seems to be suffering from cold resulting into ear pain. It took us a while to realize the actual reason as we thought it could be his legs or stomach. We had taken a tour of the fort in the morning where Mrunmay walked quite a bit with many ups and downs on the stairs at few places. That probably made us think it was leg pain. Meghana tried to massage his legs, but no use... Then we thought it could be gases in the stomach, so tried to apply some pressure on his stomach, it helped to some extent but he started crying again and this time he wanted baba only. After spending entire day in listening 'baba nako'