Restaurant Review: Little Italy

A pure veg Italian restaurant, that's how I got introduced to Little Italy. Not that I go only to pure veg restaurant, but pure veg restaurant guaranteed a lot of choice in veg only and it wa definitely enticing.

I called them up for reservations and happily they accepted the booking, only to realize later that the reservation was not really required. But the reservation assured us a sofa seating which we prefer considering that Mrunmay is more comfortable on sofa than a chair. The restaurant is located next to pune central on Ganesh khind road. The building seems to be not so occupied nd in fact you may get misled as one can not see the entrance so easily due to the scaffolding in place.

We were warmly greeted by the receptionist and were taken to the table with sofa sitting. The menu offered a large variety of items from soups to desserts in Italian as well as Mexican food. We resorted to Italian food. Veg Soup Passato di Verdure was a perfect start for the course. Followed by a starter made up of mashed potato served with bread - Patate Taormina. Caesar salad was aptly made with perfect taste. But all left us with very little appetite and we decided only to order lasagna and nothing more.

Overall ambiance of the restaurant is pretty nice. It offers you two locations for sitting, indoor with air conditioning and an open air arrangement. The lighting arrangement is soothing and non-intruding.

Price-wise this is slightly on the higher side but is definitely good for party or occasional dining.


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