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Did Lalu really turned Railways around?

Doesn't seem so. Have a look at the latest report in Outlook India - Was It All Track-II ? (Registration required, else pick up Sept 20, 2007 issue of Outlook). Last year I had quoted a story from Outlook India, on Lalu, how has he turned around the future of railways, in an article - Revisiting past belief . I was very curious to know the details of how was this achieved. All of the media was zapped by the numbers thrown by Lalu's ministry. But as this report reveals, most of it is just a play with numbers than actual profit. In addition, he has succeeded in extracting more money from "Aam Aadami" in various ways. Unfortunately, no one from media seemed to have followed up on this huge success and revealed the truth, except for Outlook. This latest report details out how all these figures were tossed up to show a huge profit. Some examples: Declaring trains superfast without any reduction in the time taken Mangling with the "TatkaL scheme"

A spectacular win

Yet another feather in Dhoni's cap. His young wagon has won the Twenty20 world cup in a spectacular fashion. What a start for Dhoni to begin his captaincy career!! No one else would have had such a chance so far. Just like I wrote in my earlier post, this match also showed lousy body language at crucial times. When Misbah was riding the wave and pitting our bowlers to the stand, you should have watched them. Getting tensed is one thing, but displaying it so openly is not good. To some extent Dhoni was keeping his cool. He was talking to his bowlers after every bad ball and helping them to cope up with the pressure. The worst body language was coming from Jogi. His confidence had gone for a complete toss and everyone could see it from his face and his ever-fallen shoulders. But finally, it was Misbah who gave up under pressure and awarded a victory to Indians. Few good things happened in the end as well. The "cool" captain thoughtfully instructed to team to take a round a

A good game indeed

Yes, I am talking about yesterday's Twenty20 match between India and Australia . Given the recent history of Indian performance in one-day world cup, Indians were definitely not in the favorites for this Twenty20 world cup series. But the young wagon of India has done everything to reach the finals under the ever-improving leadership of M.S.Dhoni , the Captain of Indian Team. With the full support from the young and energetic team, MS is carving a good record on this new horizon of Cricket. Yesterday's match was not just a game of bat and ball, but it was of mind as well. The game was definitely rich in terms of Twenty20 cricket, huge sixes and sudden wickets, but it was also full at the mental level. Kangaroos are known for their professionalism and their "jigar" to pull the match even in last few balls. At the same time, Indian are known for loosing the battle even when it appears like a easy win. But yesterday was different. After not-so-good start by the openers