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Allowing outside food in multiplexes

For once, I do not agree with this decision by Maharashtra State Government. As per the decision, multiplexes cannot stop viewers from carrying their own food inside the multiplexes and consume it there. This was in a response to PIL filed with the Court and comments by the Court. There are some fundamental flaws with the PIL and this decision. First of all, the multiplexes are neither charity nor state-run operations. These are legitimate businesses run by businessmen to earn the profit.  These multiplexes are given the food licenses, which allow them to store and sell food items. If the product doesn't have MRP mentioned, the business owner can decide to sell it at whatever price she deems fit. No one should be dictating it.  These multiplexes are for entertainment purpose and do not come under the purview of Essential Commodities Act. Why should the government control the prices of items and services sold by these establishments? If someone has a problem with the foo