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BigFlix - a Movie Rental Service

Several months back I was introduced to "NetFlix" through quite a few blogposts on various sites. The company kept on making the rounds of media in various areas including the business model, the profit margins, the roadmap and all. Amidst all this, India also got it's own version of NetFlix in the form of and BigFlix after that. I recently got introduced to "BigFlix" through one of my colleagues, Sameer, who also had introduced me to " ". After having a fairly good with librarywala (it is majorly used by Meghana), I decided to try out BigFlix as well. The online registration was pretty smooth, I got registered without any hassles or without requiring any phone calls. The Service had initial offering of 14days trial period, which worked out well. I could watch barely 2-3 movies in the trial period, but was happy with the quality of service, the quality of the DVDs received etc. So I decided to continue and opted for a qua

Aakrosh - movie review

Honour killing that has been on rampant in recent past is the main theme of this movie. Some good sequences with speed of the story keeps you hooked for quite some time, but looses the grip after a while. Three students from medical college disappear suddenly while visiting home town of one of them. When students increase the pressure throug media, CBI enquiry is started (Ajay Devgan and Akshaye khanna) After a lot of struggle to gather the witnesses and proofs, they get some breakthrough, but that turns out to be ugly face of the honour killing. After lot of blood bath, the duo is able to bring the culprits to the justice, albeit by taking some crooked ways, which obviously pay off. The story is developed pretty nicely, but there are some obvious loose ends, some stretched sequence which distract you, particularly in the second half. Overall it can be watched once and you might actually like it if you don't notice the loose ends. And yes, if you are going there with some expectati

Can you guess what is this?

Mrunmay made this using one of his block games. We were baffled, and Mrunmay asked us to guess ... We couldn't, can you? (now I know what it is, Mrunmay was kind enough to tell us immediately :) I get amazed many times to see his observation of small things which usually go unnoticed by me or probably they are too common to be noticed. Mrunmay, when refers to it, gives us shock and leaves us wondering about his observation capability :)

Enabled blogging on the go

I have been planning to enable mobile blogging for quite some time. Finally got to it today. Hoping to revive the frequency :)