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Maintaining Sanity During The Lockdown

The lockdown has become "मारुतीचे शेपूट". Week after week, it is getting extended for various reasons. Earlier there was second wave. Now, there are talks about "Delta Plus" variant or third wave. No one really knows when we will be starting with normal life. All the sincere folks are spending time indoors with minimum exposure outside. This has created a different problem. What should folks do staying at home? Initially, we consumed lot of online content. Several movies and serials. However, over a period of time, the appetite to consume more content has gone down. I am spending more time in searching what to watch than actually watching something.  Over last few months, I have deliberately developed some different habits or hobbies, which are helping in keeping the sanity in this lockdown.  Karaoke About a year back we bought Persang Karaoke set. Mrunmay was developing some interest in singing, so it was perceived to be an apt addition to the gadgets at home. How