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Regional Language Books Industry - Need To Embrace Technology

Clipping from newspaper talking about problems faced by physical book industry Today's newspaper carried an article underlining the fact that in general the tendency to purchase books is reducing. True it is. Landscape is changed in last several years. There are changes at social, behavioral, technical and mental levels. And book industry, at least regional book industry, hasn't changed much. Social: Number of nuclear families has gone up. They have shifted to smaller places. This means lesser space available for books. People are also engaging in lot more varied activities, which were not available in the past - lot of newer sports, adventure sports, various hobbies, parties, movies, get-togethers and what not. The extent of all such activities was considerably lower say about 20 years back. Reading books was a favorite activity during free time and at times at the cost of studies/work 😉 Behavioral: People are commuting a lot. Spending mo