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Lockdown Day #7

Today it completes 1 week of official Lockdown in India. For me it is 2 weeks. I started WFH and reduced stepping out from 18th Mar. Pretty good I would say. Today evening I stepped out for some groceries - primarily bread and curd. We are keeping some bread in stock, it comes handy for quick snack or breakfast. Curd comes handy for quick salad. It has been a while both of us have cooked for so long. It is very likely that we would feel like not doing one or more items and on such days these two items would come handy. I had been "पोळी" maker of the house for several years. But somehow over last few months I lost touch and the "पोळी" wasn't turning out soft enough. It was frustrating. But finally, got into the knack again. Today I went into self observation mode and noticed that I was picking up the dough little more that required. This was an improvisation over last few days. This would make the "पोळी" little thicker and keep it softer. But

Lockdown Day #6

The boredom is kicking in. Today morning, I wasn't feeling like working from home and was craving to meet my team in person. Somehow managed to survive initial couple hours and then I got into the work mode.  It is not a first time I am working from home. I have done that when I was waiting for good opportunity after mSauda and then after Giftease days. Even in those days, I would follow the WFH guidelines I listed earlier . But never got this bored. The difference was - I knew I would be working alone. This time I have a team and I interact with them through the day. I miss those small interaction with them while walking past them. Some intense discussions and white boarding on some design piece. Filling up the walls of my cabin with various data points and discussing them with the team. Some jokes and pulling legs of others! I miss that a lot. To recover from the boredom, I happened to post something on Facebook and while scrolling down the feed noticed that there were

Lockdown Day #5

Another day without stepping out of the home.. rather out of the society. I had to make a trip to the gate to collect wheat flour which was home delivered by our grocer. Since no delivery personnel's are allowed inside the society, i stepped out of the home, walked up to the main gate and collected it. Same thing happened for medicines for Dada. The pharmacist delivered it to the gate. It took me some time to fetch it from the security. And by that time the guard delivered it home. The milk is now taken care off. And it seems BBDaily is also resuming the milk delivery from tomorrow. Hoping to see it working regularly. It being a Sunday today, spent a lot of time in cleaning, rather deep cleaning the room. Since the maids are off, it has taken a toll on cleaning. With cooking in the morning, it becomes nearly impossible to clean the house completely and happens only in bits- n-pieces. The deep cleaning kind of gave a sense of satisfaction!! This social distancing is kind o

Lockdown Day #4

The milk supply is still in mess. BBDaily is not able to deliver the milk. But there's another fellow in our locality who is delivering cow milk and has resumed his operations. So milk is sorted out and I don't have to go out for that.  Now that more than a week has gone by, we were going low on veggies and was planning to make a trip tomorrow (Sunday). But thankfully got it almost home delivered. A tempo with veggies came by to the society gate and I got some stock for next 4-5 days and that too at reasonable rate. And the veggies were fresh and of good quality! For the first time we all three sat together to process the veggies!! It was a fun to do chit chat while processing veggies. While listening to song "ये रे घना, ये रे घना" i recalled the revised version i had made "ये मेघना, ये मेघना" and that triggered some nostalgic memories of our courtship. Mrunmay got curious about what all romantic things we had done. Looks like a "candle

Lockdown Day #3

Looks like the things are settling in to some extent. I didn't have to step out. Had enough milk packets at home.  During some dull moments I thought of some points for WFH. Everyday, without fail, have your bath, get ready for office and behave as if you are going to office. That sets the mood for you as well as for you family members. Had it been you alone at home and doing work from home, this might not have mattered much. But when your entire family is around including kid(s), it definitely matters to set this mood. Continue with your other routine of lunch, tea/coffee, snacks etc. Those are meant for breaks from work and although you are working from home you still need those breaks. Use those breaks to stroll around the house, a bit of stretching would also help.  After a week of WFH, I noticed that my digestive system ia giving trouble, sue to lack of enough activity. Some laborious house work would help to set it straight - like cleaning, mopping the floor or eve

Lockdown Day #2

Day two of the lockdown started with missed milk delivery. Bigbasket is struggling to keep up there delivery channel operational and resulted into not having milk at home. Thankfully, there was surplus at home, which was accumulated over last 3-4 days. It helped in getting through the morning coffee for me and Dada; and milk for my kiddo. But considering the situation, I didn't feel the milk supply would be normal for another few days. Decided to step out to get the milk. While stepping out, quickly checked with my neighbors if they wanted to buy some milk. Intention was to help them avoid the trip outside! And it did help.  Tried 3 different shops, only to find Amul milk in the fourth shop. Just to ensure i don't have to make another round tomorrow, have made provision for tomorrow!  Mrunmay had his exam starting today. The school decided to use alternate ways for the exam and are sending out question paper over email to parents and we are expected to invigilate

Lockdown Day #1

First of all, wish you all a very happy new year! Due to the corona outbreak(COVID-19), India is in a lockdown state and today becomes the first official lockdown.  My family and I have been at home since last one week and have stepped out only thrice or max four times to complete some chores - primarily groceries and vegetables and milk. Rest of the time, all of us are under one roof, not stepping out at all. Meghana and I have been working from home since last Wednesday. Though my son has school shut, there were some revisions to be done. Today was a bit different. It was a real holiday for him and me. And wegot a time to do lot of house work and also a lot of time to play with Mrunmay.  Jenga blocks  ruled the day. He also tried his hands at making "पोळ्या" and washing utensils. Now that all the maids and domestic help are off, entire housework has to be done amongst three of us and Mrunmay is realizing it to a large extent. At times he gets sad, b