Lockdown Day #7

Today it completes 1 week of official Lockdown in India. For me it is 2 weeks. I started WFH and reduced stepping out from 18th Mar. Pretty good I would say.

Today evening I stepped out for some groceries - primarily bread and curd. We are keeping some bread in stock, it comes handy for quick snack or breakfast. Curd comes handy for quick salad. It has been a while both of us have cooked for so long. It is very likely that we would feel like not doing one or more items and on such days these two items would come handy.

I had been "पोळी" maker of the house for several years. But somehow over last few months I lost touch and the "पोळी" wasn't turning out soft enough. It was frustrating. But finally, got into the knack again. Today I went into self observation mode and noticed that I was picking up the dough little more that required. This was an improvisation over last few days. This would make the "पोळी" little thicker and keep it softer. But that is not how it should be. So thoughtfully reduced the quantity of dough for each piece. Also ensured the more or less uniform thickness across. And there you go! You got a डब्बा पोळी!!

And there was an instant gratification - Mrunmay hogged on पोळ्या which is unusual of him 😊

As we are completing a week of lockdown, I am sensing some burnout / boredom etc. Initial enthusiasm that Mrunmay was showing to help us extra is kind of wearing off. But I also see why it is happening. Although he used to help even earlier, it was not so frequent and intense. He is not used to it and will take a bit more time for him to settle with this new routine. After some face off in the afternoon, he was back with his helping hand and put back all the washed utensils all by himself. He did that while enjoying songs on his mobile. Says to me - "Baba - it is fun to do work while listening to songs, it gets over faster!"


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