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चारोळी - पाऊस

पावसाच्या मुग्धतेत, प्रेमाची आर्तता टपोर्‍या थेंबात, स्पर्शाची स्निग्धता वाहत्या पाण्यात, सहवासाची सहजता ढगांच्या गडगडाटात, मिठीची पूर्तता!

पालथ्या घड्यावर पाणी

नेमेचि येतो मग पावसाळा या म्हणीप्रमाणे पावसाला आता सुरुवात झाली आहे आणि त्याचप्रमाणे रस्त्यांच्या दुर्दशेला. कर्वे रस्त्याची वाट लागलीच आहे पहिल्याच पावसात , आता बाकीचे रस्ते पण त्याच मार्गावर जातील. मागच्या वर्षी पण हीच बोंबाबोंब होती. प्रशासनाने गेल्या वर्षभरात काही काम केले आहे असे आत्तातरी वाटत नाही आहे. मागच्या वर्षी रस्ते वाहूनच गेलेले होते. आता यावर्षी काय होते ते बघायचे. हरि ॐ


2 wonderful years of life together :) Yes, it was my wedding anniversary couple of days back and I was off on vacation enjoying the first rain of the season in the sizzling state of Goa. Had a fantastic time enjoying beautiful beach - Arrosim in South Goa . A wonderful trip indeed...

Stock market and Real Estate

Sensex went below 11K mark on Friday and a panic wave is getting spread. God knows what would happen today, will it recover or will it go down further. Being a novice, I started reading about the stock market few months back. Since then market was booming like anything, right from 8K mark to beyond 12K. Now it is crashing for consecutive two days and is forcasted to display the same trend. I always wonder how all these things work! Is this a real reflection of the current economy or is it again a bubble? If buble, when would we see the real picture? But if it's not it seems really good. All FIIs bullish on investing in India shows their confidance in our economy. But if that is so, why this recent crash? I am hoping a similar crash in real estate market. Given current market rates, "home" is becoming a dream for a common man, probably for all other than IT folks. I have been reading that IT folks are being blamed for this scorching prices in real estate, but I feel it

आरक्षणाची व्याप्ती वाढवा ....

सध्या आरक्षण फक्त शिक्षण आणि नोकरी या क्षेत्रांमधेच आहे, त्याची व्याप्ती अजून वाढवली पाहिजे १. प्रत्येक व्यावसायिकाने ४९.५% व्यवसाय आरक्षित समाजाबरोबरच करावा २. प्रत्येक व्यावसायिकाने ४९.५% सेवक आरक्षित समाजातीलच ठेवावेत ३. सार्वजनिक वाहतूक व्यवस्थेमधे ४९.५% जागा आरक्षित ठेवाव्यात ४. सर्व रस्त्यांवर ४९.५% जागा आरक्षित समाजातील लोकांच्या वाहनांकरता राखून ठेवावी ५. भारनियमनातील ४९.५% आरक्षित समाजासाठी करावे ६. प्रत्येक बागेत ४९.५% जागा आरक्षित समाजासाठी ठेवावी. ७. पोलीसांनी प्रत्येक गुन्ह्यामध्ये ४९.५% .... ८. .... मी माझ्या मित्रांची यादी बनवायला जातो ....


I should mention about couple of sites I recently come across. First is a counter that counts the visits to the pages - ShinyStat It is not just a counter but also tells about the referrers and other statistics such as different browsers used by visitors, their operating systems etc. It is because of the ShinyStat that I came to know that my blog has been listed on the website maintaing collection of marathi blogs - I was amazed by looking at the collection of the blog sites that are in marathi - completely or partially. Because of the listing on this site, my page views went up at least by 45%. It feels good that so many people are reading my blog :) Now the last one - my friend - Manish , who gave me the idea and software - Baraha that helped me in writing marathi blog. Thanks to Manish , ShinyStat and . (P.S: I don't yet know how I got listed on website ... )


हा एक असा चित्रपट आहे की जो मी कितीही वेळा बघतो. मला माहित नाही का ते. बहुदा "उटोपिया" मुळे असेल. पण कधीही लागला तरी मी बघतोच... मला असे वाटते की माणसाला जे प्रत्यक्शात नाही ते बघायला आवडते आणि त्याचमुळे मी पण हा चित्रपट वारंवार बघतो. काय नाही आहे त्याच्यात - काम करणारे सरकार, गुंडांना सजा देणारे सरकार, तरुणांसाठी रोजगार निर्माण करणारे सरकार आणि बरेच काही.... अनिल कपूरने काम छान केले आहेच, पण मला सगळ्यात जास्त काम परेश रावळचे आवडले. त्याने "शिवाजीराव वागळे"ला जे काही प्रोत्साहित केले आहे, त्याला तोड नाही. "शिवाजी वागळे" मधले चांगले गुण ओळखून, त्याची नस ओळखून त्याने बरोबर त्याला राजकारणात येण्यास उद्युक्त केले. त्यावेळचे त्याचे जे संवाद आहेत त्याला तोड नाही. जर प्रत्यक्शात असे सगळे झाले तर? आजूबाजूचे सगळे अराजक नाहीसे होईल.. खरंच होईल की सगळे मिळून "शिवाजीराव वागळे"लाच संपवतील? हे सगळे आज लिहायचे कारण ... मी काल परत एकदा "नायक" बघितला :) Let me translate all these thoughts in English now. This is one movie which I can watch 'n' t


सगळे काही सुरळीत, सगळे काही व्यवस्थित मग आज असे अचानक, कुठून आले वादळ अवचित? सर्वांसोबत चाललो होतो शिखराकडे, अचानक एकेक जण साथ सोडे का? कोणास ठाउक? विचारणार तरी कोणाला, सोबत तर पहिजे ना, कोणाशीतरी बोलायला ओठ दाबून बसतो मी, चिडिचिप, वादळानंतरच्या शांततेत निपचित..... Copyright © 2006 Mandar Behere

Stress-free commutation

I am always baffled by the commuters who want to break signals, overtake in haste and try to reach destination 15 seconds faster. Apparantly each driver is always in a hurry and can't afford to loose even 10-15 seconds during his way to office or back home. In trying to achieve that they will try to jump the signals, make others to jump the signal by honking endlessly, try to get to the front row while waiting for signal turning green and all such tricks. They don't realize how much stress they carry along with them while managing all such circus. And obviously, as a result of all this, when they reach the destination, they feel tired, exhausted and may be frustrated. It's time to take a step back and think. Is all that circus really necessary? Is it worth the stress that we carry along? Can we do something better? Yes. Here are some tips. When you are approaching the signal, try to get into appropriate lane, so that you can move smoothly once you get green. While waiting,

Life is not neutral ...

Do you like that pizza hut serves only Pepsi beverages ? Or McDonald's serving only Coke? Isn't it like you get stuck up with something because you like something else? Wouldn't it be nice if there were no tie ups between Pizza Hut and Pepsi or McD' and Coke? And now extend this imposed restrictions to internet. What if your internet provider provides very slow access to GMail and much faster access to Y! just because he has a tie-up with Yahoo? " Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality? " covers an excellent view of the problem. After pondering over the idea, I felt this idea of neutrality may not be really applicable to other aspects of life, like the ones I have mentioned above. Even though I prefer Coke, I do take Pepsi when I am having a pizza at Pizza hut. I don't say, "If there's no Coke, I won't have anything else". Same thing must be happening with other who prefer Pepsi and are visiting McD. So who is the looser? None of