Stock market and Real Estate

Sensex went below 11K mark on Friday and a panic wave is getting spread. God knows what would happen today, will it recover or will it go down further.

Being a novice, I started reading about the stock market few months back. Since then market was booming like anything, right from 8K mark to beyond 12K. Now it is crashing for consecutive two days and is forcasted to display the same trend.

I always wonder how all these things work! Is this a real reflection of the current economy or is it again a bubble? If buble, when would we see the real picture? But if it's not it seems really good. All FIIs bullish on investing in India shows their confidance in our economy. But if that is so, why this recent crash?

I am hoping a similar crash in real estate market. Given current market rates, "home" is becoming a dream for a common man, probably for all other than IT folks. I have been reading that IT folks are being blamed for this scorching prices in real estate, but I feel it's not IT community, but it's the builder lobby with no whatsoever control. If I understand it correctly, it's builders whim how much he would charge on that particular day. The prices were increased by Rs. 300 per sq. ft. within one day.. can you imagine that?

I really hope stock market recovers and real estate market comes closer to reality!


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