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I Am Disturbed...

Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaroo,  Do Ghoot Nashe Ke Maaro,  Khud Ko Bhoola Do Yaaro, Sansaar Se.. Chaar Botal Vodka,  Kaam Mera Roz Ka,  Na Koi Mujhko Roke,  Na Kisi Ne Toka Al-co-ho-lic...  What is this trend that is emerging and is about to consume my child? He is just 7 years old and just knows the words in the lyrics of these songs. Soon he would start asking what does that mean and I wouldn't be surprised if asks for those things. How am I supposed to answer that? He is already concerned that I do not like he singing or listening to the song "Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaroo". He keeps asking me why shouldn't he listen or sing that song. I, at times, feel I am being over critical. But my values do not allow me to idolize alcohol. Some people, may be many of them, might be okay with their kids having alcohol at whatever stage of their life. I am not. But these kinds of songs make it difficult for any parent who wants to safeguard their child's interest,

Science Day outing

While driving to work on Friday Feb 27, I happened to notice the big sign board outside IISER, Pashan which read "National Science Day 2015". I got curious and did a quick search on the net which told me that 28-Feb is celebrated as "National Science Day" to mark the discovery of "Raman Effect" by Indian Physicist Sir C.V.Raman on 28-Feb-1928 . As my curiosity grew, I checked for events happening in Pune on that day and stumbled across: National Science Day @ IISER Pune National Science Day @ IUCCA Pune It being a Saturday, Meghana and I decided to take Mrunmay out and let him have some fun during these events. IISER had an exhibition on "History of science", which I was doubtful if Mrunmay would find some interest in that. But IUCCA seemed to have interesting things even for Mrunmay's age.  Spent couple of hours at IUCCA enjoying the science park, which probably is open all through the year. More importantly got to see and listen