Science Day outing

While driving to work on Friday Feb 27, I happened to notice the big sign board outside IISER, Pashan which read "National Science Day 2015". I got curious and did a quick search on the net which told me that 28-Feb is celebrated as "National Science Day" to mark the discovery of "Raman Effect" by Indian Physicist Sir C.V.Raman on 28-Feb-1928. As my curiosity grew, I checked for events happening in Pune on that day and stumbled across:

It being a Saturday, Meghana and I decided to take Mrunmay out and let him have some fun during these events. IISER had an exhibition on "History of science", which I was doubtful if Mrunmay would find some interest in that. But IUCCA seemed to have interesting things even for Mrunmay's age. 

Spent couple of hours at IUCCA enjoying the science park, which probably is open all through the year. More importantly got to see and listen to legendary Mr. Arvind Gupta. Mrunmay was fascinated to learn that he can do so many things with simple straw, which he is really fond of.

Mrunmay Walking Along the "Mobius Band"
Rest of the locations in IUCCA were pretty much crowded and we decided to got to IISER. As expected it only held the exhibition apart from some talk and quiz. I wasn't so sure if Mrunmay would get interested in the "History of Science". Contrary to my assumption, he actually was fascinated by various diagrams and photos displayed there. 
Mrunmay Reading about Planetary motions
As curios as he is, Mrunmay continued with his tradition of asking question. While we were on our way out from Pune University, he was reading various sign boards and asking about the meaning of the words. At one turning there was a board for "Girls' Hostel". After explaining him what is hostel, question came - Why only girls' hostel? Why not boys' hostel? We explained, it would be there on the other side. And then the question came:

"But Baba - why do they have separate hostels? Why not boys and girls stay together?"

And then baba was finding words to answer the question - in a most unscientific way on the science day :(


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