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We need solutions, not just criticism...

Finally, he chose to speak. Albeit, nothing to offer. But he spoke. He spoke in front of the businessmen and the corporate tycoons.  Here is the full speech.  BTW, I couldn't watch him beyond first 12 minutes. However reports say he was okay during later part of the speech and Q&A. Number of questions after watching just first 12 mins of the speech: Who has made the people in Gorakhpur to travel to Mumbai? Who kept them away from the vocational training and education? Who was in the government when the "express" which takes 36 hours to reach Mumbai was named as "express" and still calls it "express"? Who has made the migrants to stay in slums and thus add to the problems of already crowded city? A young fellow says he will go to Mumbai, and if nothing happens he'll go to Bangalore. You call this the optimism, you call this the spirit of India. Is it really so? That young fellow has lost faith in the governing body in his home stat


A day well spent!! It was an amazing experience to be part of TiECon Pune Event held at Hyatt Regency on Saturday Mar 30, 2013.  The event started with keynote from the legendary Mr. Narayana Murthy who faced the questions from three young Entrepreneurs and was facilitated by Mr. Pravin Gandhi . With very straight forward statements made the audience applaud more than once.  Be it country or a company, it should have only one boss. In our country, everyone should retire at 65. Post retirement, one should give advice only if it is asked, not otherwise.   This event observed a full house, with quite a few folks standing along the walls. This followed by a session on Women Entrepreneurs, but many of the attendees were found to be networking outside the hall. Immediately after this were 3 breakout session.  I witnessed the reverse pitch by the VCs to the Entrepreneurs, excellently coordinated by Mukund Mohan , CEO-in-Residence for Microsoft Accelerator. VCs were found to