We need solutions, not just criticism...

Finally, he chose to speak. Albeit, nothing to offer. But he spoke. He spoke in front of the businessmen and the corporate tycoons. 

Here is the full speech. 
BTW, I couldn't watch him beyond first 12 minutes. However reports say he was okay during later part of the speech and Q&A.

Number of questions after watching just first 12 mins of the speech:

  • Who has made the people in Gorakhpur to travel to Mumbai? Who kept them away from the vocational training and education?
  • Who was in the government when the "express" which takes 36 hours to reach Mumbai was named as "express" and still calls it "express"?
  • Who has made the migrants to stay in slums and thus add to the problems of already crowded city?
  • A young fellow says he will go to Mumbai, and if nothing happens he'll go to Bangalore. You call this the optimism, you call this the spirit of India. Is it really so? That young fellow has lost faith in the governing body in his home state to enable him to earn on his own and hence he is migrating. Remember, many such migrants fall pray to negative elements in the society causing more damage.
  • That Girish Carpenter bought you a chai, just to show that he hasn't lost the touch of humanity, but you should also read the unsaid things - why was he forced to migrate to Mumbai and stay in too small a room? 
You may find it as "enriching your experience", but nothing will really happen unless the solutions come in. We are only hearing about the inclusive growth for over 2 decades. You are saying that only government can't act alone, we need support from business houses. But what happens to my money that I give to the government in the form of the taxes? Where does it go? 

Basic problem of Rahul Gandhi criticizing the system is that he immediately gets looked upon as part of the problem India is facing over last 60+ years. Unless he decides to solve the problem one by one and demonstrate it visibly (take a cue from NaMo!!) it would have no value!!


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