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Breaking rules

If you cut lane, that is okay. If you rash drive that is okay. If you don't check emissions, that is okay. But if you park your vehicle, just two inches outside the faded marking, you gotta pay for that. Then it doesn't matter whether you have parked in the parking zone/side. It only matters if traffic police van passes from there. No, it didn't happen with me, thankfully. But I keep on seeing these kinds of incidences everyday, near my office and other places as well. Has anyone from the traffic department really thought why the mechanism of toeing vehicles to police station is not having any permanent effect? Why do people keep on parking vehicles in no parking zones or apparently just on the border? Do they want to take chance or are really unaware of the traffic signs or just be ignorant? Or is it a case that the fine/punishment is not at all acting as a deterrent? I feel all these questions should be considered by the authorities and see how to solve this problem.