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श्रेयस Vs प्रेयस

Yesterday, we're watching a Marathi film - "Manini", a recent one. Not so new concept, but a well thought script, good dialogs. The lead character, the female named Shalini, has been shown from a town of Ratnagiri, a straight, simple girl who gets married to a guy staying in Dubai. He, as expected, is full of bad habits and is also involved in some other female. The story is about how Shalini gets rid of this guy and becomes independent. Shalini has been shown to be very forthcoming, truthful and honest, a person who can't lie or hide anything. I always wonder, is it really that easy to speak truth? I find it difficult many times, for the sole reason of not hurting the other person, person whom you love. Sometime back, I had read these lines from "KaThopanishad" at hotel Sheryas , wasn't remembering the exact lines, but google helped me as usual :) Both good (shreyas) and pleasant (preyas) approach the man, The wise on examining chooses the Good. Wonderi