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Pune Bomb Blast and Talks with Pak

I have mixed feelings on this subject. While the terrorist attack (yet another) has left me furious, I couldn't understand why does the Government want to continue with talks with Pakistan. In my opinion, the talks with Pakistan would not yield anything. But the more I am thinking about this, the more I am getting confused or double minded. It's very easy for anyone (including BJP, SS or non-UPA parties) to ask government for banning the talks with Pak. Everyone knows that even though we stalled these talks, nothing is going to change. People who are responsible for terrorist attacks on India may not be the ones whom India would be talking to, and even if it is the other way round, what has changed on the ground so that just by talks those people will change their mind and stop attacking us? On the other side, there's no way left for India but to continue with the talks. Since it is very difficult (almost impossible?) to attack Pak, given it's ties with USA, China, Tali