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What is "B A Y"?

Weekend time. I was playing with Mrunmay, one of his games - 3 letter words. Basically there are some paper strips having one letter printed on it and then there's a letter dispenser, which dispenses 2 letters at a time. The game is to make up a word with those two letters and one of the paper strips. It's too early for Mrunmay to know the spellings and obviously the job of finding out matching spellings was with me. After every round, I was telling him the meaning of the word formed, in the form of question / answers. Like "Do you know this word?", "Do you know it's meaning?" and wherever required giving him examples and/or translations. After few rounds, the dispenser gave us two letters: "B" and "A". The only possible combination left was the word "BAY". I started asking him the meaning... Me: "Do you know what is BAY?" Mrunmay: "Bay??" Me: "Yeah.. do you know what is the meaning of Bay?&q

Thoughts on the current movement

Some are inline with many others out there, but some may not be...  Everyone needs to understand and imbibe that this is not Anna's or Team Anna's fight. This has to be everyone's own fight. Unless it remains "Team Anna's fight" or "Team Anna's movement" it will never reach true success. "Jan Lokpal Bill" is going to be just one of the ways to fight corruption, it is not going to eradicate the corruption completely. To end corruption, we all, including you and me, need 100% commitment not to give up to the temptation of shortcuts and quick bucks and short term conveniences. As a leader of the movement, Team Anna definitely owes a lot more to the nation. Have they come out clean of all the charges against them? I haven't seen. If this is true, there has to be a deliberate attempt and process from Team Anna to clear every person off the charges through proper channel. And more importantly, if there have been mistakes in the pas