Thoughts on the current movement

Some are inline with many others out there, but some may not be... 

  • Everyone needs to understand and imbibe that this is not Anna's or Team Anna's fight. This has to be everyone's own fight. Unless it remains "Team Anna's fight" or "Team Anna's movement" it will never reach true success.
  • "Jan Lokpal Bill" is going to be just one of the ways to fight corruption, it is not going to eradicate the corruption completely.
  • To end corruption, we all, including you and me, need 100% commitment not to give up to the temptation of shortcuts and quick bucks and short term conveniences.
  • As a leader of the movement, Team Anna definitely owes a lot more to the nation. Have they come out clean of all the charges against them? I haven't seen. If this is true, there has to be a deliberate attempt and process from Team Anna to clear every person off the charges through proper channel. And more importantly, if there have been mistakes in the past, own them and rectify them publicly. Not just Caesar's wife but even Caesar also needs to be beyond doubt for a complete success.
  • Can the thought leaders behind the "India Against Corruption" movement put a clear agenda for next 2 years? The steps should include filing cases against the corrupt MPs, MLAs and other office bearers with the proof that they have? Every petition should accompany with the request to the court that such people shouldn't be allowed to contest the election as it would create obstacle to the justice. Or to fast track such cases so that verdict is known before the next elections.
  • While everyone is concentrating on the corruption at the highest level of the pyramid, we also need to start working on removing the reasons for corruption. e.g. Is the remuneration for any office bearer or any public servant in line with the duties and responsibilities he is carrying out? 
  • Current movement has a inherent conflict of interest and I am sure leaders are aware of it. We are asking people in the government to pass a bill that would be problematic for themselves. This will rarely happen by sitting outside the system. We need people in the government who understand and are committed to work against corruption. This is worse than Quit India movement where we were largely fighting against people outside India. Here it is a battle within and needs lot more different ways, innovative methods to win the war. Single weapon of "Fast Unto Death" would quickly loose it's sheen and would become worthless.
  • IAC definitely needs to stop alienating every channel. Winning media would the greatest asset and I feel absence of media support is going to harm the movement very negatively for the betterment of country. Social media reaches only to a handful of people and it is the TV and print media that reaches the masses. If the movement and ideology doesn't reach masses, there are bleak chances of success.
  • How many of us really understand Jan Lokpal Bill? I only understand that this bill has come from a known-selfless person and hence is expected to be not influenced by self interest. And I am sure millions out there are in the same boat. Could there be workshops conducted all across the nation to let people know what it is and how it is supposed to help fight the corruption?
  • The movement also needs to start preparations for upcoming elections in 2014. Every tainted representative needs to be given a big fight in their own constituencies. Start preparing the file for each such person and keep it in front of the people of India. No this will not solve the issue in one night, but at least it will create awareness.
  • Couple of days back, Mr. Kejriwal made an appeal to the students community to give one week for this cause. But I didn't see any plan. What is it that these young people are supposed to do for one week? Just gathering at Jantar Mantar or some other place in various cities is not going to solve the problem. or is it?
[After writing all this, I am realizing that even I am not going beyond "me". Still restricting myself to "I'll not contribute to corruption' but not getting out to spread the word... or to increase the number of "good guys"..]


DB said…
Bravo, Mandar. Very well said.

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