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Credit Card

Recently, the instances of not accepting credit cards in stores/shops has increased. Most of them have given the reason that the machine is not working. I wonder if this is because of the cost cutting measures that every shop-owner is implementing. I am told that these people need to shell out some 2 to 2.5% of every transaction to the bank issuing that swipe machine. In that case, my conclusion seems logical. I look at the credit card as a means to keep track of all my expenses. Given the consumer culture in India, not every establishment accepts the credit card; but I try and find out if credit card is accepted. For me, it's more of tracking mechanism rather than 45 days of interest free loan. Considering the recent trend of swiping machines getting vanished from shops, I think I'll need to start carrying cash again...

Yet another gift

Yet another year is passed by. Yet another year has been awarded to me. It happens constantly year after year. But every year was way different than the earlier gift. And I am sure even this is going to be another amazing year in my life. Last year same timeframe, Meghana and I were anxiously waiting for our then-yet-to-be-born-kid. The Gynecologist had kept us on high alert and secretly, Meghana was hoping that the kid and I would share the birthday. But it didn't happen. After a long wait of another 15 days, she gave birth to our cute little son - Mrunmay. Next 3 weeks were completely devoted to Megh and Mrunmay before I resumed my duties. Then it all started ... spending extravaganza. March to June turned out to be most expensive months so far and I was kind of getting worried where it all is going. Firstly, my beloved Palio had to be admitted the hospital for nervous breakdown. And since such diseases are usually not covered by insurance, I had to shell out a huge buck to get h