Yet another gift

Yet another year is passed by. Yet another year has been awarded to me. It happens constantly year after year. But every year was way different than the earlier gift. And I am sure even this is going to be another amazing year in my life.

Last year same timeframe, Meghana and I were anxiously waiting for our then-yet-to-be-born-kid. The Gynecologist had kept us on high alert and secretly, Meghana was hoping that the kid and I would share the birthday. But it didn't happen. After a long wait of another 15 days, she gave birth to our cute little son - Mrunmay. Next 3 weeks were completely devoted to Megh and Mrunmay before I resumed my duties.

Then it all started ... spending extravaganza. March to June turned out to be most expensive months so far and I was kind of getting worried where it all is going. Firstly, my beloved Palio had to be admitted the hospital for nervous breakdown. And since such diseases are usually not covered by insurance, I had to shell out a huge buck to get her back in healthy state. In the meanwhile, I borrowed my cousin's car and it opened another chain of events. For almost 4-6 weeks, I was getting the puncture removed of my vehicle, may it be cousin's car, or Pulsar or Kinetic. I might have easily spent money in excess of 1000 bucks just to remove the puncture, in that short period of 4-6 weeks. And then it stopped all of a sudden.

Another blow come our way when Meghana needed some medical attention and it again pushed us to throw away a huge sum. Apparently we didn't have sufficient insurance cover and hence I had to shell out from my own pocket.

While all this was happening, Mrunmay was taking all the natural ups and downs as he was growing, coped up very gracefully when Meghana had to be hospitalized. Oh yeah, how can I forget that. During Meghana's hospitalization, suddenly one evening Mrunmay started crying. I tried all the known possibilities like, hunger, gases, sleep but no luck. When I was making rounds by keeping him upright, he used to keep quite, but the moment I kept him down, he used to start crying. Having no clue why he is doing so, I called up our family friend. She also tried a lot; but no luck. Finally, next day morning, when the maid was massaging Mrumay before the bath, she realized that there was a boil on the back of his head and that was the cause of all the problem. It was really a learning experience.

Then it was my turn to face some challenges. First met with an accident on 1st of August, which forced me to undergo a CT Scan and then on 31st of August had an attack of sever abdominal pain which made sure that I undergo USG couple of times. The only good part out of the accident was doctors confirmed that all parts inside my skull are intact and at right place :)

All in all, it was a roller coaster ride on personal front.

On professional front, it wasn't a very good year. Had to accept couple of setbacks, which shouldn't have happened. Now, here I am; ready to take up this new gift with completely open mind and no prejudices. I am sure it's going to be another memorable year in my life :)

And by the way, if you were trying to map all this to new year (2009), then you were wrong. This was completely dedicated to 32nd year in my life. Yes, today is my birthday and I am celebrating that :)


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