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Movie Review: Special 26

An excellent movie by Neeraj Pandey, maker of " A Wednesday ".  The plot is picked up from real story taken place in late 80's, to be precise in 1987. The details of the story could be found easily on the web  and hence not covered here.  Anupam Kher is outstanding as usual, in the role of "sharmaji". Jimmy Shergil has given yet another best performance. Comparatively the role is smaller is length, but is very crucial in the movie. Akshay Kumar has done pretty well and something different from his usual Khiladi image. Manoj Baajpeyee looks awesome in the role of Wasim Khan. Director has taken a lot of effort to make the scenes live and mimic the settings in mid-80's and I must say it has paid off well.  On the whole, I would say it is a must watch!! PS: Did someone say what about Kajal Aggarwal ? if you are her fan (possible, but doesn't matter), you should have watched it by now and if you are not, why bother? I have alrea

Hike and seamless communication

Recent buzz that has hit the media is the huge success of instant messaging app " Hike " launched by BharatiSoftBank - a joint venture of Bharati and Japan's mobile operator "SoftBank". As media reports the USP of this app is that it seamlessly integrates with SMS feature so that user can easily chat with those that have not installed the app or have only a feature phone. This USP has helped the app to reach to millions of people on Android market and is evident from millions of downloads in just three months. Launched on 14-November, this app is currently not accepting any sign-ups due to heavy load on servers, which in itself is a nice problem to have. When thinking about the USP, it is clearly a very handy app for smartphone owners. They need not worry about whether the recipient has the same application installed or not as the app will send out SMS in case the recipient doesn't have the app installed. The app is tied up with your phone number and h

It's never too late...

Hanging of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru is definitely a good news for the people of India. It took several years for the Government to actually take the step, but I would say it is never too late to do the right thing. I am highly inclined to believe this is purely a politically motivated decision. INC has been under fire from almost every corner of the society for various reason and there was no respite for the party in last several months. Azmal Kasab's hanging did bring is some controversy and I wonder if INC could reap anything out of it. At least this time it doesn't seem so. Our new president Pranabda  is looking very much in mood of clearing the backlog , albeit with the permission, one would guess. Should we see some more such decisions in coming days? It is about 18 months for the general elections ( May 2014 ) and every political party is getting ready for the big battle. By taking such decisions, INC surely is removing weapons for BJP's arsenal and soon BJP

Has INC forced NDA choose it's PM candidate?

With recent announcement of Rahul Gandhi taking over as Vice President of Indian National Congress has raised some very interesting questions/thoughts/doubts. Just by announcing Rahul as second-in-command, the opposition alliance seems to have got cornered. BJP, the largest party in opposition, is rushing to identify what should be the counter move. Yashwant Sinha has gone out all the way to praise Narendra Modi as the prime candidate from BJP , whereas there's no official announcement from BJP as such. Rahul got promoted to this position even without demonstrating any real capabilities. What he carries with him the Gandhi Dynasty, dismal failure in UP and so-so in Gujarat . He hasn't shown any interest in coming out with his views on the most current affairs, which matter to most of the people. E.g. Lokpal Bill, 2G scam, Delhi Rape Case and the demands surrounding it. Not a single word has been heard by the people of India, which is getting projected as "probable&q

Our Bournvita Question...

Last weekend while returning home, out of nowhere, Mrunmay started asking question. Actually, not really, he asks questions all the time. Almost every sentence is followed by "Why?" and we need to explain it in such a fashion that there are no more "why"s coming out. Almost every time we fail but at least after 5-7 such attempts in a series, either he gives up or gets distracted and we get saved automatically!! You might have noticed the latest TVC from Bournvita featuring Kajol as a mom trying to answer the questions from his son, which inadvertently forces her to study before she answers. We had our bournvita question ... आई, कुंकू कशापासून बनवतात ? We tried telling him what is turmeric and how it is made and all for obvious reasons... we don't know what is कुंकू made from!! For some strange reason, I don't remember I ever had that question... What is your Bournvita question? PS: I just blogged about that TVC, you can read it here -  Bournvit