Movie Review: Special 26

An excellent movie by Neeraj Pandey, maker of "A Wednesday". 

The plot is picked up from real story taken place in late 80's, to be precise in 1987. The details of the story could be found easily on the web and hence not covered here. 

Anupam Kher is outstanding as usual, in the role of "sharmaji". Jimmy Shergil has given yet another best performance. Comparatively the role is smaller is length, but is very crucial in the movie. Akshay Kumar has done pretty well and something different from his usual Khiladi image. Manoj Baajpeyee looks awesome in the role of Wasim Khan.

Director has taken a lot of effort to make the scenes live and mimic the settings in mid-80's and I must say it has paid off well. 

On the whole, I would say it is a must watch!!

PS: Did someone say what about Kajal Aggarwal? if you are her fan (possible, but doesn't matter), you should have watched it by now and if you are not, why bother? I have already mentioned what is worth watching. Her role is like any other gal could have done it equally good or bad and actually doesn't have much scope to help the story line.


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