Maintaining Sanity During The Lockdown

The lockdown has become "मारुतीचे शेपूट". Week after week, it is getting extended for various reasons. Earlier there was second wave. Now, there are talks about "Delta Plus" variant or third wave. No one really knows when we will be starting with normal life. All the sincere folks are spending time indoors with minimum exposure outside. This has created a different problem. What should folks do staying at home? Initially, we consumed lot of online content. Several movies and serials. However, over a period of time, the appetite to consume more content has gone down. I am spending more time in searching what to watch than actually watching something.  Over last few months, I have deliberately developed some different habits or hobbies, which are helping in keeping the sanity in this lockdown.  Karaoke About a year back we bought Persang Karaoke set. Mrunmay was developing some interest in singing, so it was perceived to be an apt addition to the gadgets at home. How


Today is 1st of May. Government of India announced the eligibility for all adults and vaccination is expected to start today.  But where are the vaccines?  Not in sight at all. Should you worry? May not be. May be yes. I don't know. This is little ranting and also an attempt to bring some sanity to thoughts to myself and my readers. Second wave of COVID-19 has hit India badly. We are seeing the infections in every corner. No day passes by when we don't hear anyone known getting affected or even deaths. It has been proven beyond doubt that vaccination is the only reliable way to avoid serious illness by COVID-19. Then why isn't it available in required quantities across India? We all need to remember we are 130 crore people country. The challenges are mammoth. Probably no one has had any experience in handling such a huge pandemic. Some mistake have happened and are bound to happen.  I have a feeling that GoI definitely failed to anticipate the impact of second wave, grossly

Movie Review: Shakuntaladevi

Mrunmay was keen to watch this movie about the Math Genius and had kept his eyes on the release date. So as soon as it was released, we watched it on 1-Aug. So the review is a bit late and some points may be little blur in details. My first reaction after the movie: this is a story about a celebrity (and that to an egoist celebrity) and her daughter. I really don't know how close this one is to real life and hence putting up my points from the movie angle only and not comparing it with real life at all. Shakuntaladevi , who was a genius in maths, since her childhood, grows doing Math shows across various places - schools, restaurants and what not. Having sacrificed her childhood and schooling for being the primary bread-earner of the family, she develops a huge grudge against her father. And against her mother too - for not speaking up.  As life takes turns and as Shakuntaladevi fights against the odds, she reaches London. After more struggle there, she finally finds herself doing

What do Italians eat as staple food?

As the lockdown is continued, the domestic help is not available and we are our own to prepare the daily food. Although the restaurants are allowed to serve delivery orders, I have decided not to indulge for some more time. This gives rise to the discussion about "what is it for tomorrow's meal?" - which is very common, even otherwise. However, now that we are not ordering from restaurants, we are tempted to try out different cuisines (that's common now-a-days). During one such discussion, Italian cuisine popped up. We have tried our hands on preparing Pizza (using readymade base) and it worked out pretty well. Next one is Pasta, which is an easy affair, but it hasn't seen the light of the day as yet. While discussing all this, suddenly a question popped up.. "What do Italians eat routinely?" Do they eat Pizza and Pasta as daily meals or there are other items which are far more common that Pizza and Pasta? If you have been to Italian restaurant, you woul

Why is a country referred as "She"?

My curious fella once asked - "Baba, why is a country referred to as 'she' or 'her'?" e.g. Her Flag etc. I didn't have an immediate answer. I somewhat knew why would it be, but I couldn't put it in a logical convincing manner. I realised, I needed to look up some references.  My thinking was on following lines. The word "mother" instantaneously gives reference to "birth", "care". Since one takes birth in a given land, it is easy to relate it to be "motherland". It invokes the emotions similar to visiting your mother when you come back to your native place. So the feminine reference is largely on an emotional basis rather than any grammatical one. My research started indicating that although majority of the references are feminine, there's no basis for that in english grammar. English language is gender neutral and has no feminine and masculine distinction between words. However Latin, from which English is or

Lockdown Thoughts

Since the lockdown got announced again yesterday, there is unrest and uncomfortable feeling amongst the people around. First of all, I sense utter distrust that this lockdown is not going to be useful. If the administration couldn't set up required health infrastructure in last 100 days, how would they improve it in next 10 days? On what basis, did the government announce "unlockdown 1" and all? Many people had just started with their business and again this lockdown.  One thing is clear to me. Lockdown or no lockdown. Social distancing is required. Wearing masks is a must. Do not let your guard down. And while taking care of your physical health, you also need to take care of your mental needs. Especially of the little ones in your house. Mrunmay has been waiting to meet his grandparents for over three months now and was anxious to meet them in next few days hoping there would be further relaxations. They are in same city, but still we couldn't meet him. The thought

पुनःश्च Lockdown

So, it is announced now . The number of cases in and around Pune were increasing continuously. Thanks to all the free flow on the streets. People giving up their precautions and pretending that the pandemic is over. When everyone should have resorted to essentials only, people were finding it brave to step out. On a personal level, I have stepped out only for necessary thing - once every week - typically for vegetables and other perishable items such as curd. As a family, we stepped out for couple of important items - a work chair for Meghana, few utensils in the kitchen and some art material. First two items had become a priority over last 3 months. Third one was essential to keep ourselves engaged during the lockdown period. However, we ensured that we picked up only essential stuff and left the shop at the earliest.  On the online shopping front, we ventured onto few items, but mostly those were of P1 category, if not P0. However, for all such items, we ensured that the packages wer