RRR - A Good watch

 Watching a dubbed movie is not exactly a choice for us as a family. I have been doing it occasionally, had watched some movies on Sony some time back. In recent past, it was “Wild Dog” starring Nagarjuna and Diya Mirza. Typically the plots are better in the South Indian movies, is what my observation is or I have been extremely lucky to have watched movies having a better plot. Meghana is not that inclined to watch such movies as watching a dubbed movie/series is a incoherent experience - lip movements and the audio create a feeling that something is wrong and then you can’t focus on movie or story. The songs are usually the worst of the lot as they are typically “प्राची ला गच्ची जुळवणे”. Mrunmay wasn’t a big fan either. He may have watched some while around me.

In his recent trip to Bengaluru, his cousin took him to a movie - RRR. And since then Mrunmay has been only talking about the movie and the songs only. He must have listened to the song “Nattu Nattu” - maybe - a thousand times!! And there was a constant demand that we watch the movie together. With all the persuasion that Mrunmay did, Meghana also agreed and finally we had the movie night yesterday.

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The movie is based on a fictitious story around freedom fighting in India and revolves around the British oppression. The story starts with an event showing oppression event by the British Governer followed by a nail biting sequence of a police officer catching a rebel by piercing through a mob of thousands, only to prove his loyalty to the British Empire. The story builds up through various incidents around the two lead characters - Ram and Bheem. It takes a good amount of time to reveal the real plot of the story. At one point, we actually felt the movie is getting over, even though it was only half time. I can’t write much for the fear of it being a spoiler, but the story grips you till the end if you survive some slow sequences in the middle.

What I like the most is the cinematography, the creativity and the directorial  ingenuity. Some sequences make you drop your jaw and others make you think if you would have ever thought of that kind of picturisation. Inventive use of the names of the lead characters “Ram”, “Bheem” and “Seeta”, without denouncing their characters. In fact, one might feel proud after seeing those sequences. The only song that made a good impact on me is “Nattu Nattu” - Amazing synchronisation between the dancers, the pace of the movements (I still feel the pace is actually an outcome of the editor’s work - which Mrunmay counters profusely!!). 

The movie “RRR” stands for “Rise, Roar and Revolt” and it lives up to the name to a large extent. The dubbing has been done fairly good and except for the lyrics, overall dialogs are also good. 

The South Indian movies (e.g. Bahubali) bring lot of grandeur to the picturization and RRR is no exception. Beautiful, creative and yet grand sets are the proof of that. 

The movie is definitely a one-time watch. Do watch it in your preferred language.


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