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Lockdown Day #45

After the initial enthusiasm that lasted for 8 days, I got to pen down the thoughts only today. In the initial days, there was excitement about noting down the thoughts, experience for posterity.  But on 9th day onwards realized it has become repetitive (not a surprise at all). The work - office work as well as home work started consuming most of my time. There was stress building up as Mrunmay wasn't getting enough time from us (Meghana and Me). So blogging took lower priority as compared to spending time with Mrunmay.  While we have spent more time with him as compared any other vacation, Mrunmay is finding it very less. It is natural. Seeing your parents 16 hours in front of your eyes and still getting about 60 to 90 minutes of their time - most of the times fragmented is NOT same as seeing them for 4-5 hours and still getting 60 minutes of their time. Can't get a better way to learn/teach "Theory of Relativity"!! Just the other day, realized that I hav