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Today is 1st of May. Government of India announced the eligibility for all adults and vaccination is expected to start today.  But where are the vaccines?  Not in sight at all. Should you worry? May not be. May be yes. I don't know. This is little ranting and also an attempt to bring some sanity to thoughts to myself and my readers. Second wave of COVID-19 has hit India badly. We are seeing the infections in every corner. No day passes by when we don't hear anyone known getting affected or even deaths. It has been proven beyond doubt that vaccination is the only reliable way to avoid serious illness by COVID-19. Then why isn't it available in required quantities across India? We all need to remember we are 130 crore people country. The challenges are mammoth. Probably no one has had any experience in handling such a huge pandemic. Some mistake have happened and are bound to happen.  I have a feeling that GoI definitely failed to anticipate the impact of second wave, grossly