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त्या गुलाबी वळणावरती भेटलास, आयुष्यभर साथ देईन म्हणालास, गोड स्वप्नांत गुंतले मी, तुझ्यासवे स्वर्गात पोहोचले मी. मधुचंद्राची गोडी, तुझी नी माझी जोडी, दॄष्ट लागली कोणाचीतरी, काढली कोणीतरी खोडी, तो काळा दिवस आयुष्यातला, पण कोणास ठाऊक होते, संध्याकाळच्या कातरवेळेस, माझे नशीबच बदलणार होते ऑफिसचा पहिलाच दिवस, तुझी वाट बघण्याची मजा, ह्रुदयात अनामिक हुरहुर, एका बातमीत झाली सजा बॉम्बच्या एका फटक्यात, उधळून गेला सगळा डाव, सव्वीस दिवसांचा संसार, उरला फक्त काळजात घाव तुझ्या आठवणींचाच आधार आता, जगण्याची उमेद देईल मला, देवा, पुढच्या जन्मी मात्र, त्यांच्या आधी नेशील मला!! जरुर वाचा: Married for only 26 days - 187 Mumbai Life Stories


रोज काहीतरी लिहावे म्हणतो, पण सुचत नाही काही, चहावर चहा रिचवला तरी, कागदावर काही उतरत नाही. वाटते जगाला सांगावे की, मी पण कविता करू शकतो, 'ट' ला 'ट'च काय, पण, 'प्राची' ला 'गच्ची' पण जुळवू शकतो वाटते कधी मला कि लिहावी एक छानशी कथा, सुरुवात करायच्या आधीच, विसरून जातो सगळी गाथा शेवटी वैतागून म्हणतो, आता कशाला हवी कथा आणि कादंबरी, लिहायचे कष्ट उगाचच, जेव्हा असता दासबोध आणि ज्ञानेश्वरी

Traffic ....

Some interesting topics are being discussed about the traffic problems we are facing. There are many such cities which face traffic congestion everyday. There are many traffic experts working day and night to resolve the problems. The issue seems to be really hot in the media these days. Recently PMC inaugurated the BRT project (Bus Rapid Transit) in Pune which is projected as one of the solutions for increasing traffic problems. I am, personally, of the opinion that BRT won't change the situation much. The reasons being: It needs a dedicated traffic lane in each direction. So this puts limitation on how many roads we can deploy BRT, given the situation that space is expensive (as against the digital space which is almost free these days). Major traffic travels in the direction of the core parts of the city where the roads are much narrow and there's no scope for road expansion There's a limitation on number of passangers that can travel in one direction through bus. We usu

Value for time

I was locked in my new flat whole of my weekend just because I had to get some work done from various workers. Since last Tue/Wed I was co-ordinating with all the supervisors or contact points to get the work done on Saturday. Everyone agreed to be on time and be there on Saturday. And it turns out that I am calling up each of them from 11:30 AM only to find out that the required person is either not reachable, or busy with some other work or a falst promise - he'll be there in few minutes. Finally I got hold of one worker who was supposed to change the skirting tiles in my hall. When the seapage was stealing my sleep, we had removed the POP from lower part of the walls and that had damaged the skirting tiles. So, now to keep the good look intact, I was getting the replaced. This worker starts with the work and breaks adjacent tile as well. Not just that, he damaged around 1 inch piece of the color as well. Finally I had to stop him from doing more damage and asked him to replace

Stepping on someone's toes

How many times you have felt that you are stepping on someone's toes? Any how many times it happens with you? I was thinking about this for a while now. It's not necessary that it happens intentionally, but it definitely hurts the other party. Take a simple example - Let's say you cut the lane from leftmost lane to take a right turn. Other people who are already in the middle or rightmost lane have taken lot of effort to be there in the correct lane so as to take appropriate direction and suddenly you cut them causing lot of inconvinience to all of them. Not just inconvinience but frustration as well. I call this as stepping on their toes. It's real pain. And we observe similar examples every now and then. Reservations based on caste is another example. People do take lot of effort to score good numbers and then to realize that just because they don't belong to certain castes, they can't study further. This is unfair. Tax evasion is also an another example. If e

Starting with Microwave Oven

Entering the era of Microwave Oven ... We bought a microwave oven from LG about 2 weeks back, just before diwali. However, we had to wait for the demo till last Saturday. The person from LG who was supposed give us a demo, didn't turn up twice, then called up on weekday, when you-just-don't-have-time for all such things. So after repeated request, that guys favoured us by visiting us on Saturday evening 8:15 PM. We were forced to forgive him for being 1 hour late as we're the needy (Remember consumer has choice only till he hasn't paid...). So finally we had the demo which lasted for about 30-40 minutes. And we learnt a few things: If the microwave is of larger capacity, it would take longer to cook the same quantity as compared to a smaller capacity appliance. After I heard it, it appeared very obvious, but frankly speaking I had not thought about it. I feel the dealer should be telling all such things to the customer. The technician told that the 2-3 medium sized po

Are we interfering the evolution?

Since I got some time off last week, I was reading one of the "diwali" magazines. It had an interesting topic covered - where will India be in 2025. Most of the authors were very optimistic and had noted down many of the very obvious thoughts. However one of the scientists, Niranjan Ghate, had written a very interesting thought - Human being is interferring with evolution process and hence it is difficult to predict what happens to the natural evolution process by 2025. Surprising? I always thought that it's a natural process and it favors the "survival of the fittest" priciple. Then how come we can interfere this process? No, he was not referring to the advances in medication and thus prolonging the human life, nor he was referring to the cloning. He was referring to the fact that advanced medical science can help those unfortunate couples, who can have a baby by natural means. It took me a while to understand why it is so. Let's see the natural process of


Thanks Santosh for pointing me to . Now I don't need to logon to my multiple blogs, but I can do that at a single click. This addon for firefox gives you flexibility of configuring all your blogs at a single place and make posts to them in a very convinient manner. Configuring performancing for was breeze. However configuring it for blogger took quite some - some exploration and reading up the FAQs and searching their web site. Finally here are the settings: Click on add, then custom then hit next and set to blogger api, then insert this where it says add your api then click next put in your gmail name and password and click next... source: PFF Not Working with beta