Starting with Microwave Oven

Entering the era of Microwave Oven ...

We bought a microwave oven from LG about 2 weeks back, just before diwali. However, we had to wait for the demo till last Saturday. The person from LG who was supposed give us a demo, didn't turn up twice, then called up on weekday, when you-just-don't-have-time for all such things. So after repeated request, that guys favoured us by visiting us on Saturday evening 8:15 PM. We were forced to forgive him for being 1 hour late as we're the needy (Remember consumer has choice only till he hasn't paid...).

So finally we had the demo which lasted for about 30-40 minutes. And we learnt a few things:
  • If the microwave is of larger capacity, it would take longer to cook the same quantity as compared to a smaller capacity appliance. After I heard it, it appeared very obvious, but frankly speaking I had not thought about it. I feel the dealer should be telling all such things to the customer.
  • The technician told that the 2-3 medium sized potatoes would take about 6-7 minutes to cook. He also asked us to pierce the potato at multiple places so as to expediate the process. However even after multiple attempts, we left with half-cooked potatoes.
After this demo, Meghana had a question - why can't we use metal utensils in microwave? At that time I couldn't answer, but today after googling I got some pointers.

The utensils that can be used in microwave oven need to have two properties:
- They should not absorb the heat and should not reflect the waves
- They should sustain high temperature.
If the utensil is of metal, it tends reflect the microwaves and thus causing uneaven heating. Also it may lead to arcing, sparks etc.

Also learnt that the emails those are making rounds about the superheating of liquid are really true and a heated liquid if stir immediately may cause serious burns.

How Things Work - Microwave Ovens
Wikipedia - Microwave Ovens

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Anonymous said…
Thats pretty useful info...not used to cooking though :) but just love to prepare my own tea on the normal gas!

- Parimal
Mandar Behere said…
hmmm ... let's see how long you keep yourself away from cooking ;)

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