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Lockdown Day #8

And the boredom is kicking in. Mrunmay's exams are about to get over and there's only so much he can do on his own. Meghana and I are on call almost through the working hours and hence can't spend time with him. And the post lunch he starts getting bored. Today he said - "I am hating this WFH". I am not surprised. There were very few days when either of us were WFH and he was also home. So he is not used to see us around but not spend time with us. He is finding some ways on his own to keep himself occupied - reading and TV is common. Now he ia also spending time with his Robotics kit, some Python programming, some synth etc. Hope he will find more ways as days go by. Another day has passed without stepping out. Routine is somewhat settled, but will change again as Mrunmay's exams will get over on this Friday. Hopefully I can start working early and finish early so that I can give him some time.  I was talking to one of the team members generally che